Philips Hue Smart Lighting Gets Smarter with an App Revamp

Philips Hue smart lighting ecosystem has long been a leader in providing sophisticated smart lighting solutions, and now a new app update is going to make Philips Hue lights even more customizable and useful.

To that effect, the Philips Hue app has been redesigned with a more intuitive, and more modern user interface. The revamped app also brings several new features to the Hue lighting system. We’ve been testing the beta of the app; here is a breakdown of the new features:

New Shortcuts: With a single press and hold on your room setup or individual lights, you can change the color or set your four last used scenes. Want to match your mood to the lighting that relaxed you so well the night before? You can with a simple click of a button.

Philips Hue Smart Lighting Gets Smarter with an App Revamp

New color pickers in the app help you choose the exact shade that you are looking for

New color pickers: Using color pickers you can group and ungroup lights in a room and more easily choose an exact shade of white or colored light from the color palette. If you have a painting or a pillow that you love the colors of, you can create an entire color scene from those exact colors.

Philips Hue Smart Lighting Gets Smarter with an App Revamp

30 new scenes have been preloaded into the app. This one is called “Ruby Glow”

30 new colors scenes: All 30 of these new scenes have been preloaded in the app, and they were handpicked by Philips’ lighting designers. These scenes allow users to quickly recreate lighting scenes that match the likes of “a sunset in Honolulu” or “a night out in out in London’s Soho district.” Your lighting can now mimic some of your favorite experiences or places.

Philips Hue app update

Personal color scenes can be created using your own photos

Personal color scenes: You can now create your own personal color scenes. The app can extract the colors from your photos and intelligently apply them to your lights.

“We’ve made our smart home lighting even smarter. Our new look app is easier to use than ever. New features include shortcuts which make setting up rooms a breeze, new color pickers as well as 30 new scenes that allow instant scene setting to match your mood or that special moment,” said Jasper Vervoort, Head of Marketing and Product Management, Home Systems & Luminaires at PhilipsLighting. ”In designing the upgrade, we took advice from lighting designers, user experience specialists and, most importantly, from our customers. The result is an app befitting the world’s most loved smart home lighting system.”

The Philips Hue app update will be available for iOS and Android sometime this month.

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