Add a Swimming Pool Nearly Anywhere!


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Add a Swimming Pool Nearly Anywhere! Listen to this article

Add a Swimming Pool Nearly Anywhere!

I rented a house on Lake Nasworthy, or “Lake Nasty Water” as the San Angelo locals call it, back in 1995. It was a cute blue two-bedroom bungalow with a huge great room in the back that looked out on the lake. I had a boathouse that held my Sea-Doo, and when the mood struck, I’d go for a ride.

Living on the lake was great for everything … except swimming. The water was murky, there was at least a foot of muddy sludge at the bottom, and there were water moccasins in the shallow areas.

Not that I would have been able to afford it, but it would have been amazing to have one of these pools at my service.

Add a Swimming Pool Nearly Anywhere!

MobiDeep, a Thai company, has come up with the concept of floating pools that install in less than desirable aquatic locations.

This truly new and worldwide patented product brings you a multitude of new activities in a space that was, until then, unoccupied.

Whether you are a diver, particular, investor, hotelier, developer etc… Everyone of you has a good reason to invest in one or more MOBIDEEP floating stations.

Installed in one day, of easy maintenance, you or your customers will be able to enjoy diving, swimming, relaxation, watergames, the dive within full safety in a clear and healthy water.

As per organising cocktails parties, fashion shows, birthday parties…

The lakes, dams, ponds, lagoons, marinas were all just waiting this OASIS of shared pleasures which MOBIDEEP is, reproaching us of not having thought of it sooner.

Add a Swimming Pool Nearly Anywhere!

Source: if it’s hip it’s here  –  Add A Clean Swimming Pool To Even The Murkiest Lagoon, Marina, Swamp, or Pond.

Check out a full gallery of pools at MobiDeep.

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