Gear Chat: What Do You Want in iOS 6.0?

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Gear Chat: What Do You Want in iOS 6.0? Listen to this article




Last week I asked a simple question to our team. The question-

iOS Users- What features would you like to see in iOS 6.0? (Android users- This is a serious question so please spare me the “Android does that blah blah blah…”)

My list-

I want a simple way to access key settings like Bluetooth without having to dig down into menus.

I want sound/notification profiles that are time or geography-dependant. i.e., I get to work and the device goes to silent

I want an automatic folder or two that grabs “frequently launched apps” and makes them accessible.



I’d like to see them put the lyrics display BACK into the iPad version of iTunes – it’s in the iPhone version so why did they remove it from the iPad version?

I’d like to have my folders stackable, please

I agree with simpler access to key toggles like BT and WiFi

I’d like to see email retain a selection after you multiple select and change something like mark as read so you don’t have to reselect everything just to also do a move – or better yet – give us some simple rules management,

I’d like to see tap-and-hold functionality extend to hardware keyboards. Maybe that should come from the keyboard manufacturers but I suspect it would be easier if the hooks were in the OS.

I’d like to see the OS extended to more languages.

I’d love to see something superior to the current Maps program.



I want everything Dan asked for.

Also, I would love some widgets. Not a ton, but maybe the option to quick launch a few apps from the drop down notification, or access frequent notes, etc.

Maps is fine for me but voice navigation similar to Android would be nice.

Gestures for the iPhone like the iPad has would also be great.



Well there already are widgets there for stocks and weather – but extending that functionality a bit would be ok. I don’t want to see Android-style widgets – too much battery hit and sometimes even a stability hit.

Photo 3


Right but to use stocks and weather as examples: both of those are really super basic as far as apps go. Especially the stocks one. If CNBC Real-Time could have a floating headline/stock ticker widget in the drop down I would use it…I turned off the stock one because it was a waste of battery life.

I don’t want to see widgets for every little thing, but a bit more fleshed out functionality would be nice.



Android doesn’t do all that Dan and some of your wants are my wants. I want nested folders on the home screen on both iOS and Android. Plus iOS sorely needs quick ways to enable/disable Bluetooth and wifi.

I like smart actions…. use Locale on Android and while it works, an integrated solution would be way better.



Oh on widgets I don’t have an issue with stability or battery drain. Then again, I run very few widgets so that could be why.

The worst widgets were on my Droid 2 at the beginning.



Quick access to Bluetooth, as you say. I’d even be satisfied with a reorganization of the items under settings, so long as it put Bluetooth on top. I am *constantly* turning BT on and off.

Ability of Siri to launch apps. The fact that she can’t is really silly.

Letting folders stay open when you swipe from one screen to another. Having to close a folder before you swipe to a different screen is also kind of silly, in my opinion.

I know Carly works in the business world, but I still find it kind of funny about the Stocks app, which I almost literally *never* use–if I’ve used that app more than 5 times since I first got an iPhone in 2007, I’d be surprised!



Siri to launch apps. Quick way to toggle bluetooth, wifi etc… lock screen weather, calendar and todo

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