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May 27, 2012 • News

Help Wanted!

Have you always wanted to blog because it is easy, exciting and downright cool?

Do you want tons of review items thrown at you, while you get rich writing about them?

Do you love all things Mac and iOS?

If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, then there is no reason to read any further.

Seriously, stop reading,

You see, blogging can be fun, and depending upon your writing skills it may easier for you than it might be for someone else, but it is serious work. And while it does have its moments, most of the time blogging isn’t all that exciting.  Blogging won’t make you cool, although over time you can make a name for yourself. Money and gear?!? Forggetabout it! Those are the wrong reasons to even think about doing this.

Blogging is a labor of love.

And about those iOS devices? Those items are well-covered already. We are especially looking for people who are enthusiastic and excited about covering Android and Windows Phone news, software, accessories, and hardware.

We are looking for people with a keen eye for cool new gadgets and gear — someone who knows how to scour the web and find the types of items that make a gadget hound’s nose twitch.

We are also looking for people who know how to find the quirky offbeat news items that make us smile, or sometimes leave us scratching our heads.

Still reading? Well then maybe writing for Gear Diary actually IS for you.

Applying is simple, email us at Tell us a bit about yourself, why you want to write for the site, what gear you use, and include a sample post of at least 250 words.

Oh, and if you love all things Mac and iOS, then you should still apply. There’s always room for one more fanboy or girl.

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  1. The other plus is that we’re a cool bunch a’ nerds and geeks!

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