Check Out A Cool ‘Live Lip Dub’ Wedding Proposal

Check Out A Cool 'Live Lip Dub' Wedding Proposal
Photo courtesy of Alysha Beck and The Oregonian

Way back in the stone ages when I proposed to my wife, cell phones were very rare and barely functional outside of cities (and only made ‘phone calls’), video recorders were bulky and tape based and left behind large rectangles no one ever saw again, and a ‘flash mob’ would call to mind a bunch of people with no clothes on. Oh, and my thoughts involved a romantic setting, relaxation and solitude for my proposal.

But as noted at LaughingSquid, Portland, Oregon actor Isaac Lamb had some different ideas about how to propose to his girlfriend Amy Beth Frankel … which involved a slow-moving vehicle, Bruno Mars piped through headphones, and 60+ friends and family.

Check it out!

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