Go Custom with Skinit’s Infinity Case for iPhone 4

Go Custom with Skinit's Infinity Case for iPhone 4

Tired of going to Best Buy and looking through hundreds of boring, repetitive case designs? Skinit.com thinks they’ve got you covered. Today, the website launches an innovative line of customizable cases for the iPhone 4 and 4S. As a site known for their high-quality protective skins and casings, the company’s aptly named Infinity series offers up a two-part accessory featuring a protective skeleton and a fully personalized “Switchplate.” As seen in the image above, the switchplate locks directly in to the casing, and is both removable and completely interchangeable. Once you’ve got the case, you can purchase additional switchplates separately.

Additional details from the press release are quoted below:

“For those individuals with a sense of style that is forward, fierce and ever-changing, Skinit introduces the iPhone 4/4S Infinity Case™, a unique customizable case series with interchangeable Switchplates™ that can be swapped out on the fly to fit any mood or occasion.

Users can purchase Switchplates, which can be decorated with thousands of designs from the Skinit library, to express their own individual style. Users can also upload any image to the Skinit Customizer, creating a custom Switchplate from personal photographs and designs of their choosing.”

If you’re not already sold, you can try out the Customizer right here. Or if you’re not feeling creative, you can browse the Skinit design library. For a cheaper design solution, colorful sharpies are available at Amazon and Staples – just remember to buy the white iPhone model.


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  • Will Herbert

    I can’t really imagine an inserted piece of printer paper looking very professional. From an artist’s perspective, this is a novel product. Using the customizer, you can upload your own images or designs from Photoshop / Illustrator and display them natively. The refined, mass-produced aesthetic certainly has some appeal. Not that I’m much of a case person though, my iPhone’s gone solo since launch.