Trygger iPhone Camera Case

Trygger Camera Case: iPhone 4/4S Polarizing Filter Case

Status: $6,919 pledged of $25,000 goal

Closing Date for Funding: Tuesday Jul 3, 7:05am

Trygger iPhone Camera Case
No offense to you, or your burgeoning photography skills, but cellphone cameras suck. Even with the iPhone 4’s auto-focus and auto-exposure features, it’s hard to create frame-worthy images. While capturing beautiful moments isn’t impossible, it’s certainly a challenge to even the most deft photographers. Indie casemaker Trygger is ready to change that. With the introduction of their KickStarter project, the company aims to enhance iPhone photography through a polarizing filter attached directly to their new case.

Maybe it’s time to get rid of Instagram. More specs from the product page are included below:

Professional photographers have relied on polarizing filters to clean up noisy light for decades. The Camera Case brings that same polarizing filter to your iPhone camera, built-in and always ready to take great pictures. It cuts out glare and unwanted reflections while making colors more vibrant and contrast sharper. It makes the world through your phone look more like the world you see through your eyes so you can capture all of life’s moments the way you remember them.

The polarizing filter built into The Camera Case is made by placing a color neutral polarizing film between two layers of high grade optical Borosilicate glass.

The Camera Case is made from 1.88mm of hard polycarbonate finished with a soft-touch
paint. It has a felt-lined sliding back and is designed to fit the iPhone® 4/4S.

Trygger iPhone Camera Case

At What Level Did We Back:

Backing a solid $35.00 will net you the “Early Bird Reward,” a first-release copy of the case’s black or white model. First production bragging rights are included, as well as free shipping within the continental United States. You’ll save a sweet fifteen dollars off of the planned $49.95 retail price, plus you can skip the trip to Best Buy when the product finally drops.

I was hoping for a something a bit more exciting color-wise, which led me to the next backing level: the “Clear View Reward. “If you’re looking for a little more vibrance, a $40.00 pledge will set you up with the camera case in one of the following hues: Black, White, Pollen, Azalea, or Backer’s Choice. The former four are pictured above, while the Backer’s Choice will be determined by survey following the project’s completed funding. If you’re willing to take the risk, the backer’s choice selection is as follows: Midnight, Marine, Sky, Lapis, Meteorite, Mint, Moss, Jade, Citrus, and Iris. If you’re as confused about those color titles as I was, you can check out a visual guide on the Kickstarter page.

Pledges peak at $10,000, which I can only assume would cater to large, industry-savvy retailers looking to stock up. Turns out to be the cheapest way to win yourself 310 camera-enhancing cases. Personally, the former two seem like your best bet. As I was looking for something a bit more aesthetically exciting, I backed at the forty-dollar “Clear View” level, and hope to improve my images dramatically. Estimated delivery is July 2012.

Why We Backed It:

On my iPhone 4, I’ve amassed an enormous library of apps dedicated to creating interesting, memorable photos. From the lomographic social networking of Instagram to the no-nonsense image correction of Photoshop Express, I have an app for just about everything. Yet, not matter how many digital filters and depth-of-fields enhancements I apply, there’s nothing compared to using an actual DSLR.While Trygger isn’t going to flip the industry on it’s head, it could definitely become a game changer. Just imagine a world where all of your dingy concert photos and washed-out beach snapshots turned out looking like you thought they would. Sounds incredible, doesn’t it? A polarizing filter has the ability to do exactly that.

As much love as I have for my Canon Rebel, it’s clunky, delicate, and conspicuous. I backed this project in the hopes of someday leaving that camera behind as I head out on vacation. Because honestly, bulky equipment and summer don’t really go hand-in-hand.


Trygger iPhone Camera Case


Would You Recommend this Kickstarter Project?: A definitive YES. You can back the project yourself by clicking here.

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