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I bought the new iPod shuffle on the day it was released. I returned the new iPod shuffle the third day it was released. A few months later I repurchased the new iPod shuffle and am quite happy with it.What changed in that period of time besides the fact that I am “device fickle”? Only the fact that I recognized that the new iPod shuffle is a specific device for a specific purpose. The iPod shuffle is not meant to be someone’s primary iPod. Rather, it is intended to be a great device for listening to music when you want the most minimalistic approach possible.

Still, the fact that out-of-the-box the device only uses Apple’s own headphones and the fact that there are no controls on the shuffle itself can, at times, be an issue. That’s why I thought it was so neat when Scosche introduced their new iPod shuffle adapter  the tapSTICK.

They were kind enough to send one along to try and review and I must say it is a superb accessory to have if you own one of the new shuffles. Let’s take a quick look.


The tapSTICK is a protective case into which the iPod shuffle slides.


Sure, it adds with depth and length to the iPod shuffle but even so, it remains an exceptionally small device. When in the case the shuffles clip is still accessible.


At the top of the device is a standard headphone jack which allows you use any headphones you choose.


On the back (front?) of the case are three buttons. The top button increases the volume. The bottom button decreases the volume.


And the middle button functions in the way the center button on the Apple headphones works. A quick tap starts and pauses the music. When you press and hold the button it tells you the song title. Continue holding the button and it tells you the playlist. Continued to holding the button even longer and it will scroll through the various playlists until you release the button. That chooses that playlist. In other words,the case itself perfectly mimic the controls on the headphones. However now you don’t have to hunt along the headphone cord for the buttons and they are far larger and therefore easier to access.

The only downside I can see to this new case is that, due to the design of the new shuffle, the power slider is not accessible.


To turn the shuffle on and off you simply need to pull it out of the case each and every time. That’s a bit of a bummer but you can’t fault Scosche for it since it happens to be an aspect of the design of the iPod shuffle itself.

What I like —

allows you to use any headphones with the new iPod shuffle. Gives you nice big buttons for controlling the iPod shuffle Even with the case the iPod shuffle is small and light.

What needs improvement —

No access to the power button while inside the case, add significantly to the cost of owning one of the new iPod shuffles.

The Scosche tapSTICK is available directly from Scosche for an MSRP of  $29.99

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