Moshi Maintains Excellence with Their Latest Accessories for the iPhone 11 Series

Moshi has made some of my favorite cases for recent iPhones, and the trend doesn’t stop with the latest iPhone 11 updates. They’ve released a new line of great cases and accessories for the iPhone 11, including the slim Altra with a detachable wrist strap that’s also compatible with their SnapTo accessories. Read on for my hands-on review.

I had been previously using Moshi’s Vesta case for my iPhone XS Max and was disappointed to hear that the design wasn’t being carried forward for the iPhone 11 series. However, that disappointment was quickly allayed once I received Moshi’s new Altra case for my iPhone 11 Pro Max.

The Altra case is slim and light while still adding protection for my phone. It has a raised bevel on the front to protect the screen while adding a grippy texture to the back of the phone to make sure it doesn’t slip out of my hands. The buttons are also covered by soft-touch buttons that are easy to find without looking while not affecting the use of the buttons. The Altra case is also drop tested to protect from drops on the corners and sides to military specification MIL-STD-810G.

Another benefit to the Altra case is that it’s SnapTo compatible. That means that it works with all of Moshi’s SnapTo magnetic accessories, including the Moshi magnetic wireless charging car mount I reviewed previously. The SnapTo accessories are a great way to add even more value to your phone’s case.  My only complaint is that the back of the Altra is so grippy that it’s sometimes difficult to get in and out of my pants pocket.

The Altra case is compatible with the included removable wrist strap as well as a removable body strap that’s available as an accessory sold separately. A wrist strap is a great option if you’re known as a butterfingers, while the body strap is good for those who want to wear their phone as a fashion accessory.
The Altra case is available in two colors; Shadow Black and Sahara Beige and sells for $49.95. The body strap is sold separately for $14.95 in either matching color.

Another fantastic Moshi accessory is the IonGlass screen protector, which perfectly fits my iPhone 11 Pro Max. It’s a durable edge-to-edge screen protector that’s also equipped with an oleophobic coating to reduce fingerprints and oily smudges from your face. Per Moshi, the IonGlass is treated at a molecular level to be stronger than tempered glass and extremely difficult to scratch.

The IonGlass screen protector is engineered to be curved so that it perfectly fits your iPhone 11’s screen. Installation was as easy as cleaning the screen with an included wipe, removing any remaining bits of dust or fibers with an included sticker, then aligning and pressing the screen protector onto your phone and squeezing out any air bubbles. While air bubbles still remained the first day, they were gone overnight and you honestly can’t tell there’s a screen protector on the phone at first glance. The oleophobic coating works well and I have noticed zero reduction in responsiveness from the touchscreen. The IonGlass screen protector for iPhone 11 Pro Max retails for $39.95.

You can get your Moshi Altra case and IonGlass Screen Protector directly from

Source: Manufacturer supplied review samples

What I Like:  Great designs; Excellent phone protection; Easy installation; Compatible with SnapTo accessories; Wrist strap compatible

What Needs Improvement: Not much I could find!

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