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June 6, 2012 • News

Twelve South SurfacePad for Air Brings Luxury to the MacBook Air


We’re huge fans of TwelveSouth and love watching their relatively small portfolio slowly grow as new products are added. That only seems to happen a few times each year so. Well, this is one of those times and, while the new product is not something you NEED, and is not something that is completely NEW, it is something that those of us who use a 13″ MacBook air will want to consider. The Twelve South SurfacePad is

a razor thin layer of premium Napa leather that cushions and protects the wrist rest area of your MacBook Air, while giving your Mac a cool new look. Choose the Jet Black leather SurfacePad that matches the keys on MacBook Air, or add a touch of color with the Pop Red option. The cushy leather SurfacePad makes long hours on your Air at the office, coffee shop or at 35,000 feet amazingly more comfortable.


The SurfacePad is a thin layer of soft leather that lines the area where your palm will rest when typing. It adds protection, visual interest and comfort to a notebook that, while gorgeous, is a bit on the industrial side in terms of its rather sharp design. As the company notes

SurfacePad for Air provides a soft, warm luxury leather cushion for your wrists, which is much more comfortable than the cold, aluminum typing surface of MacBook Air. A soft, cushiony work surface makes building that Keynote presentation or taming a lengthy Pages document a lot easier on the wrists.


It is important to note that Twelve South designed this simple accessory for even the most inexperienced among us. Along those lines, the leather has a light, adhesive on the back that can be repositioned. That’s important so that “if you don’t get SurfacePad perfectly positioned on the first try, simply peel it up and try again until you’re happy with its placement”. Then, if you need to remove it, “you’ll find nothing but a bright, shiny like-new Mac finish underneath”. In other words, while the adhesive will hold the SurfacePad securely it will also leave no trace, sticky residue or glue.


Available in black or red, the SurfacePad for Air is $29.99 and is shipping now. Details and ordering information can be found here.

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