Sena’s New Magnia Zip for iPad Gets Down to Business


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Here’s another example of Sena Cases finding a new, stylish way to not only carry and protect your new iPad but to also make it an even better productivity tool. The Magia Zip is an iPad case that secures your iPad within a zippered leather case. It does more than that, however, which is a good thing because, as powerful as the iPad is, sometimes you need your case to do more.


Here’s what Sena has to say about the new case:

Put your essentials and just zip and go with the Magia Zip – a slim and convenient clamshell style design with a zip closure and multi-purpose pockets.

SENA Stylus Pen is included

Fits the new Ipad with or without SmartCover

Magic Tape ™ adhesive securely holds your new iPad in place

4 Credit Card pockets and 1 ID Pocket

1 Large and 2 Mid-size multi-purpose pockets

Integrated recessed collapsible back stand

Very portable—Just zip and go


When the case is released it will have an MSRP of $119.95. You can pre-order it now, however, and save $20. That means you can order the Magia Zip now for $99.99 and it will ship between June 15th and June 22.


Details and ordering information can be found here on the company site.

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  1. While I love Sena cases, I do have to caution anyone about the flip out stand. They used this design on a similar zip case for the original iPad, and I have had 3 of them, and on every single one of them, the leather broke at the point that it folds to form the stand. The average life is about 3 months before it breaks. I’m quite sad, as Sena is usually of the highest quality. The fold out stand it just sadly not a very good design in my experience, with a 100% failure rate. Unfortunately, once broken, there is no way to “mend” it yourself, and just go on with it. You can cut the ribbon close to the end, and then take off the broken stand part, but you’re left with the snap and the stub of the stand. But, you can still use it as a great business folio. It’s just the stand part that is the weak point on these cases.

    They did replace one of the cases for me, but the same thing happened and it broke in exactly the same place within 90 days. I also assumed that Sena had a lifetime warranty on their products, but they do not. After having 3 break in the same spot and in the same time frame, it just wasn’t worth trying to get it replaced again, as I’m certain the same thing would happen again.

    YMMV, of course…

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