Ooma’s Home Camera Gets a Substantial Upgrade

Starting today, Ooma is announcing their next-generation security camera, the Ooma Smart Cam is now available!

Ooma’s Home Camera Gets a Substantial Upgrade

An intelligent home security camera to rival the competition, the Ooma Smart Cam takes a lot of what you love, and even more of what you’d expect from a smart home security system and makes it that more complete. Featuring integrations with Alexa and Google Home, you can simply say voice gestures like “Alexa, ask Ooma Smart Cam to turn on Privacy Mode” when you’ve arrived home and have no need for the camera. Alternatively, you can say “Hey Google, tell Smart Cam by Ooma to switch off the privacy mode” when you’re headed out for work in the morning.


The Ooma Smart cam boasts plenty of new features you’re sure to enjoy including:

· Ooma Smart Cam is 100% wireless and weatherproof, meaning you can place or mount it anywhere, indoors or outdoors.

· The Face Tag feature leverages Smart Cam’s AI technology and allows users to train the camera to identify faces of family members, friends and even pets, thus reducing unwanted notifications– the only security camera that can do this!

· The Smart Cam can record without external power or an internet connection, has six months of battery life and 16 GB of onboard storage

· Ooma Smart Cam’s auto privacy mode enables the camera to be automatically turned on or off based on a user’s phone’s location

· Video is recorded in full 1080p HD through a 130-degree wide-angle lens and with night vision

· The Smart Cam contains both a microphone and a speaker, making it easier for users to talk to people in range of the camera through the Ooma app on their phones

· Up to four mobile devices can simultaneously log into a single account. This means parents and grandparents can all keep an eye on their children arriving home from school or activities of their pet!

Ooma’s Home Camera Gets a Substantial Upgrade

Starting today, you can purchase an Ooma Smart Cam for $149.99 directly from Amazon.

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