The FBI Serves Warrants Through Email Now?

The FBI Serves Warrants Through Email Now?

Well, of course not.

So if you get an email with the return address of FBI OFFICE, and the ALL CAPS subject line reading “WE THE FBI HAVE WARRANT TO ARREST YOU GET BACK TO US FOR YOUR OWN GOOD”, please hit delete. Don’t forward it to a relative or friend asking if they think it is legit; don’t think twice about it, don’t open it … just don’t bother.

The FBI Serves Warrants Through Email Now?

And whatever you do, don’t click the attached .txt message “final warning”, or else!

Thank you. That is all. =P

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    I found a copy of this in my spam filter and it made me literally LOL! Seriously? Would anybody actually open this thing? I will give the spammers style points for giving me a good chuckle.