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You know you have hit true geekdom when you get excited over cables. Yes, I hit a new “tech low” (or is it “high”) when I heard about iLuv’s new line of premium audio and charge/sync data cables and I actually got excited about them. (It is like Elana getting excited when she received her first piece of Le Creuset cookware. I just could not understand it.) And while I have to call the company out for Press Release hyperbole such as “iLuv’s audio and data cables revolutionize the market in quality and design” (“revolutionize the market”?? seriously?), now that I have three of the cables in hand I have to admit that they are pretty amazing in terms of both quality and design.

Yes, the Press Release is correct to use terms and phrases like “stylish design”, “durable” and “constructed with a number of enhancements in both form and function”. The cables are thicker than usual thanks to a double layer of insulation. While it simply makes the cables look and feel more substantial, it also has a serious impact minimizing signal loss. And while the nickel-plated plugs look great and scream “classy”, they make the cables corrosion resistant. And since cases are common on smartphones and tablets, the design of the plugs includes the extra space needed to accommodate any accessory. In other words, if ever there were audio cables worth getting excited over… this is them.

As Brian Yang, VP of Sales and Marketing at iLuv notes,

The response at CES to our new line of audio and data cables was very positive. With this new series iLuv is leading the way in both function and design. The high quality copper cables and two layers of shielding ensure quality performance, while the sleek outer jacket and plugs lead in style, transforming ordinary cables to a new level of style.

Three cables arrive, and I thought I would give a quick rundown of where each will be used.

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The DualJack is a

combination sync and charge cable for both Apple mobile devices and most smartphones. The hinge design houses both connectors, an Apple connector and a micro-USB, so you don’t have to carry two different cables. [The] design exposes only one connector at a time, ensuring proper connection and avoiding any syncing errors caused by connecting two devices at once.

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The USB port on the other end of the cable allows mobile devices to charge through a USB charger or computer. (See how much quality it has compared to Apple’s offerings?)

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This cable is brilliant in the way it lets you work with Apple devices AND devices using the microUSB connection that is so commonplace these days. The cable is, as noted, beefy, and the tips feel substantial.

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They also look great! This cable comes in especially handy because Elana now uses an iPhone AND a Plantronics Voyager headset. The iPhone has Apple’s 30-Pin dock connector while the headset uses microUSB. This cable means Elana needs just one cable with her in the car or elsewhere on the go and she can charge both! Love it!!

(Note, there are two different versions. The iCB27 model syncs and charges GALAXY Tabs, GALAXY S series smartphones, and most other smartphones.)

The iLuv Stereo Audio Cable is

designed for optimal acoustic delivery for Apple and other mobile devices. Available in 3 and 6 foot sizes, these straight shielded aux-in cables are ideal for connecting your device to your car or home audio system, delivering high acoustic quality with minimized signal loss.

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This cable’s claim to fame is the thick beefy insulation that makes it more substantial and effectively tangle-free. As previously noted, the tips are sturdy, shiny and look like premium connectors. They also have a small enough diameter that they will work with more every case, even when the 3.5mm jack is deeply recessed.

This cable has a new home in the console of my car. You see, while I normally use Bluetooth A2DP audio streaming (hey, it is convenient), streaming music over a wired connection simply sounds better. Unfortunately, the Aux Jack is in the middle console. That means I need to either keep my music-supplying device in the armrest or I need a long cable. At 6′ this cable is long enough to let me put my iPhone (or other device) pretty much everywhere. And thanks to the thick diameter it will never get tangled.

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The Coiled Stereo Audio Cable is a

6 foot coiled shielded aux-in cable was designed for use at home or on the go. The coil design helps resists tangles, providing an easy to manage cable for Apple and other mobile devices. The iCB117 stands out with high quality and a distinct esthetic, while the cable structure provides functionality and durability.

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This cable is perfect for use with those times when I do not want to wirelessly stream OR dock my iPhone with an audio devices that has a line. It has all the benefits of the aforementioned straight cable with the added benefit of being “shorter” unless needed in its extended state.

Yes, the myLink collection from iLuv is something only a true geek could love… but all of us can use. These three review units are going to come in handy in the months to come! Details and ordering information can be found here.

MSRP: Prices start at $14.99

What I Like: Beefy thanks to heavy insulation; Strong, polished tips that won’t corrode and are thin enough for use with various cases; The DualJack is freaking brilliant!!

What Needs Improvement: Nothing.

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