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February 18, 2010 • Reviews

Review: Whoomp! Boost Apple’s Ear Buds for Even Less

It’s not a big secret.  The ear buds Apple provides with all of its iPods & iPhones aren’t great.  Okay I was being kind, they suck!  They do a decent job of providing sound but they often fit poorly.  Apple used to provide the ear buds along with two sets of those foam covers which help keep the buds seated in your ear but they stopped doing so.

While traveling last week I came across the Whoomp Ear Bud Enhancers by Comply.

The Whoomps claim to better the fit of your iPod or iPhone ear buds along with offering a softer more comfortable fit and a boost in bass.

So do they live up to their claims?  Click on through to find out.

We reviewed the Whoomps last year and since then they’ve seen a reduction in price as well as a packaging overhaul.  So if you like them back then but thought the price too high, they might just be worth a look now.

The Whoomps come in black or white.  I purchased the white version at an airport electronics store in Orlando Florida.

At only $9.99 I wasn’t expecting much from the Whoomps but boy was I pleasantly surprised.

The Whoomps flat out work.

The second I placed them into my ear I immediately felt the difference.  My ear buds fit snug.  I knew they were not going to fall out even when I was doing strenuous activities such as exercising.

Installation of the Whoomps takes only a few seconds.  You simply snap them over each of your Apple ear buds.  Once in place you simply twist the around until you have them in the best position for insertion in your ear canal.

Since the Whoomps completely fill your ear cavity you even gain some noise canceling properties when using them.  They actually improve the sound coming from your iPod or iPhone.

At only $9.99 the Whoomps are a no-brainer.  If you’re still using the Apple ear buds and can’t afford to invest in a better set of headphones, spend the $9.99 on these.  You’ll turn your lack luster ear buds into something that not only fits your ears but increases the quality of the sound.

You can learn more about the Whoomps by visiting the Comply web site here.

M.S.R.P. –$9.95

What I like – provide a much better fit, boost bass, offer some noise cancellation, inexpensive.

What I don’t like – only one size.

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  1. I’ve basically given up on ear buds. I notice that if I wear ear buds and listen to music at a comfortable volume–and I have absurdly good hearing, so that volume is pretty durn low–my ears are ringing after a while. Seriously. Since I discovered this, I’ve been sticking to over-the-ear headphones, and to hell with what it does to my hair. (Hey, I’m 46; I’m happy to still *have* hair.)

  2. Travis Ehrlich says:

    These are one of those, “Why didn’t I invent that products!” Thanks for the review.

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    GD: Review: Whoomp! Boost Apple’s Ear Buds for Even Less

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  7. Jeff says:

    Whoomp! Earbud Enhancers on a "no brainer" upgrade for stock Apple earbuds. We agree!! Check it out:

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