iPad 2 Case Review: InGear Smart Folio

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The number of iPad 2 cases from which to choose continues to grow and that is a good thing. After all, in the last two weeks alone I’ve seen family and friends continue to adopt the iPad 2 in fairly large numbers and each of these new iPad 2 owners has different tastes and needs when it comes to their device cases. More available cases means more choice and that makes it more likely than ever that each of them will find the case that is just right for their needs.

Enter the latest case we have had a chance to check out- Ingear’s Smart Folio 2 for iPad 2. The Smart Folio 2 has all of the key elements that I am increasingly convinced a good iPad 2 case needs. That are those cornerstone features? Read on…

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From Ingear:

The Smart Folio is your stylish travel companion for your iPad 2. It is composed with efficiency in mind. Each hand-stitched case is made using genuine leather to improve its durability. The case is also equipped with magnetic auto Sleep/Wake function to improve the usability of the iPad 2.


Premium genuine leather interior and exterior

Supports both landscape and portrait modes

Magnetic auto Sleep/Wake function

Functions as a perfect travel case, as well as a viewing stand
to improve typing and viewing comfort

Available in 2 colors

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The Smart Folio 2 grabs the iPad securely while still giving you a look at the cases’ bold, rich color. Yes, this is definitely not the case for you if you tend to like more subdued cases. If you like bright cases that scream out “look at me!!” however you are in luck!

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Here is a closer look at the mechanism employed for holding the iPad 2 in place. (Yes, I know, it’s time to clean the screen.) 🙂

Each corner has a leather triangle that is attached to the case with elastic material. The elastic portion is heavy-duty and I do not think there is any chance it will loosen over time (thereby making the iPad less secure.) You simply pull each corner up and over the iPad. There is just enough resistance to make everything secure but not so much that it is a difficult process.

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Once the iPad is in the Smart Folio you get a nice “iPad 2 Sandwich”. Yes, the case adds a bit of bulk to the device, but any case is going to do that and the Smart Folio 2 strikes a nice balance between protection and added bulk.

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The Smart Folio 2 employs a simple method for keeping the case closed when not in use. The bright orange leather tab holds the case close but also serves as the means to turn the Smart Folio 2 into a stand. More on that in a moment.

As you can see from this closeup the build-quality on this case is excellent. The seams are tight and straight and, when needed, the threads are doubled up. Overall I would rate the materials and build “Very Good to Excellent”. That’s impressive, especially on a leather case that has an MSRP under $60.

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In all it makes a nice, bright package for carrying and using the iPad 2.

It is worth noting that the Smart Folio 2 includes the “smart sleep/awake” functionality that Apple introduced with the second generation iPad. That’s “Key Element” #1. I cannot see using an iPad 2 case that does not include this feature.

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“Key Element” #2 is the ability of the case to also serve as a stand in some way or another. While some cases now come with a dozen or more positions I don’t think an iPad 2 case needs to go to that extreme to be a functional case/stand. In the case of the Smart Folio 2 you basically get 2 positions that are possible (although if you play around with the placement of the leather tab there is a bit more flexibility).

This angle is great for viewing video or reading a book.

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Used this way you get a decent angle for typing on the virtual keyboard.

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As you can see, the angle is excellent.

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My biggest complaint about the Ingear Smart Folio 2 is the method it employs for keeping the iPad in place. The corner tabs not only work but they do their job quite nicely. It is truly a matter of personal taste but… I don’t really like cases that hold the iPad in place this way. I find they get in the way, obscure the clean lines of the iPad and, overall, for some reason they just bug me. I happen to know many people who PREFER tis system though so take my criticism with a grain of salt.

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Ingear’s Smart folio 2 is a nice case for those who want leather, bright colors and a good degree of protection and functionality. It has the two key elements I know I want in my iPad 2 cases and, as such, definitely warrants a look if you are in the market for an iPad 2 case. You can get one right here. And if bright colors aren’t your thing you can get the same case in black right here on the company website.

MSRP: $59.99

What I Like: Smart sleep/awake functionality; doubles as a stand; bright bold colors; well made

What Needs Improvement: I’m mixed on the corner tabs used to hold the iPad in place; colors may be too bold for some

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