Slacker Launches Personalized Lifestyle Stations with ABC Radio


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Slacker Launches Personalized Lifestyle Stations with ABC Radio

Here at Gear Diary we have a bunch of Slacker Radio fans. For me, aside from listening to my massive iTunes collection, Slacker is my ‘go to’ spot as they offer on-demand streaming content as well as a great array of preset music stations. Recently they also introduced highly customizable ESPN radio stations, and now they have teamed with ABC Radio to launch new ‘Lifestyle’ stations.

These stations are called Men’s Life and Women’s Life, and offer targeted content for each gender. But if that sounds limiting – as it did for me – rest assured that you get the usual high degree of customization Slacker always offers on these channels, as well as the ability to dislike and skip stories.

Here is what Slacker is saying about the new content:

“Our new lifestyle stations capture the most interesting content for men and women from experts in over a dozen subjects,” said Jonathan Sasse, senior vice president of marketing at Slacker. “No other radio service is providing access to content like this, and it is important to us that these stations include the option to customize based on the topics each listener finds most interesting.”

The Men’s Life channel features individual stories in the following categories: Health & Fitness, Games & Gadgets, Food & Drink, Style & Fashion, Cars & Gear, Tech, Travel & Adventure, Entertainment, Money, Relationships, Green Living and Home Improvement. The Women’s Life channel covers Hair & Beauty, Style & Fashion, Relationships, Health & Fitness, Money, Entertainment, Food & Drink, Home Living, Tech, Parenting, Travel & Adventure and Green Living. In addition to selecting either of these stations, Slacker Radio Plus and Slacker Premium Radio subscribers will be able to go a step further and create their own custom lifestyle station featuring the topics that are most relevant to them personally.

“Since men and women often have different interests, our new Men’s Life and Women’s Life channels appeal to different sensibilities and styles,” said Steve Jones, vice president and general manager, ABC News Radio. “We curate this content to make it unique but ultimately Slacker listeners drive their own experience since they can skip stories within each channel just as they do now with songs.”

They also provided some examples of content for each of the stations:

Slacker Radio’s Men’s Life channel, powered by ABC Radio:

Cars & Gear: Night Vision
Imagine driving 48 miles to work in the morning without ever looking out of your car’s window? Crazy, right? Well, that’s what one of Car and Driver’s editors did…and it was all for you. Then, experts tested a new night vision feature from three of the auto world’s top carmakers and did so by strictly relying on the infrared radiation images the system’s screen displayed on the vehicle’s dashboard. Is it safe? Do you need it in your car? We’ve got the answers.

Style: How to Dress Like a CEO
Ever wondered how you can dress like your boss at a fraction of the cost? Yeah, so did we. So, we asked style expert Lawrence Schlossman from Park & Bond Style to tell us. He says it’s not all about brand names – playing to your strengths and developing a good relationship with your tailor is all most guys needs to dress like he’s making six figures.

Examples of stories currently on the Women’s Life channel:

Parenting: Tips for Managing Your Kids’ Doctor
Hey moms, want to make your visits to the pediatrician less stressful for you and your kids? We asked pediatrician Richard Besser of ABC News what secrets he recommends to busy moms battling to keep their kids healthy.

Green: Til Death Do Us ….Green?
It’s not easy to be green in the typical wedding. Excess is everywhere. The typical caterer makes 2-3 times the food you need—and a lot of that goes to waste. Flowers wilt and bridesmaids will never wear that dress again. So what to do? Get proactive says The Knot’s site editor Anja Winnika who has great ideas for having a better wedding while helping the environment.

I really appreciate the ability to customize, because taken alone the selection reminds me of why I didn’t renew Sirius after the 6-month free trial that came with my new car. Basically it is narrow-targeted content that would seem interesting to me at first but quickly grow boring. With customization I can get some content from each station (yes I know ‘real men’ take pride in destroying the environment but I want the Green Channel anyway), and gradually develop a great custom radio setup for myself.

The new content launches today, so head to and check it out!

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