Como Audio Announces Two Hi-Fi Audio Products You’ll Want on Your Shelf in 2017

One announcement I have been waiting for is from Como Audio. After seeing a clip from Electronics Legend Tom DeVesto’s two new products, I’m fully anticipating purchasing one of the smartest music systems to date.

Como Audio Announces Two Hi-Fi Audio Products You'll Want on Your Shelf in 2017

The Como Audio Solo

Tom DeVesto has invested most of his adult life making a mission of getting music to music lovers in any way he could, and that continues with the launching of the Solo and Duetto from his Boston-based audio company, Como Audio.

The first of Como Audio’s products are the “Solo” and “Duetto”, which are designed solely to make the consumer have all of the music content they want at the touch of a button. You can listen to music from your iPhone, Spotify, Bluetooth, the internet, and even the FM radio if you’re still into that. Also featuring multi-room comparabilities, the Solo and Duetto hi-fi audio systems can work without a smartphone, extra accessories, and even a remote.

Como Audio Announces Two Hi-Fi Audio Products You'll Want on Your Shelf in 2017

Como Audio Solo

Today music is everywhere through so many content sources and the list keeps expanding and evolving,” says Tom DeVesto, Como Audio Founder and Designer. “I Wanted to make it easy to access all of the music content available through one device that would deliver robust, true high-fidelity sound in a compact wooden design that would not only produce great room-filling sound, but have the ability to sync music throughout the house.”

The Solo features a customer Digital Signal Processor with a digital amp giving you crisp sound. With six pre-sets for your favorite music sources, a 2.8-inch color display for Artist/Song meta data, and available album art, you can access over 20,000 stations from the Internet radio including Podcasts. Did I mention it’s Google Cast & Amazon Dot-ready?

Como Audio Announces Two Hi-Fi Audio Products You'll Want on Your Shelf in 2017

Como Audio’s Duetto does everything that the Solo does, with the difference being that the screen is 3.2-inches with color, and has more drivers to fill a larger room with more sound.

The biggest deal for me though, is the fact that now when you listen to music and get an alert from your phone or a phone call, your music will no longer be interrupted thanks to the Solo and Duetto, something you won’t see from other speakers on the market. The Solo will retail for $299-$349, and the Duetto will sell for $399-$449. Available now, you can purchase them directly from their site.

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