IPEVO Typi Folio Keyboard/Case for new iPad and iPad 2 review


We’ve reviewed numerous different iPad cases since the tablet was first released. Many of them have included a keyboard and, as a result, not only protected the iPad but also helped turn it into an even better productivity tool. The challenge with each of the combo cases has been the fact that both the keyboard AND the case have to be decent if the combination is going to work well. If one or the other is subpar the entire package falls short. Time and again that has been the issue when we have reviewed keyboard cases. Sometimes the keyboard is great but the case isn’t quite up to speed while at other times the case is great but the keyboard just doesn’t cut it. Either one impacts the whole of the accessory.

Today we are looking at the IPEVO Typi Folio Keyboard/case. Does it offer a good case AND keyboard or is it, like so many others, a lesson in compromise? Read on.


Here’s what IPEVO has to say about the case:

Your New iPad, Maximized: A luxury look and extraordinary versatility — you get it all with Typi, the all-in-one accessory that will take your new iPad into new dimensions of productivity. You get a rugged professional case, a built-in stand and a full QWERTY Bluetooth keyboard, all in a compact, go-anywhere folio. Packed with smart features, Typi maximizes what you can do with the revolutionary new iPad.

Typi is designed for the new iPad (iPad 3), and it can also accommodate the iPad 2. Handcrafted felt and leather look terrific in any setting while protecting your device from everyday wear and tear. All ports and controls — including the front and rear camera lenses — are accessible with Typi’s custom design.

But portable style and protection are just the beginning of what Typi delivers. The strap that closes the folio doubles as a stand with a few simple button snaps. Reconfigure the strap for either of two viewing angles to support your new iPad upright — no hassle, and no complicated apparatus.

Last but certainly not least is the included wireless Bluetooth keyboard, which attaches to the inside cover with magnets and detaches with a gentle tug. With the power of a full QWERTY keyboard at your disposal, you’ll conquer emails and reports so much faster than with the iPad’s touchscreen keyboard. And custom hotkeys for common iPad functions like playback, volume, and copy and paste only increase your ability to get things done faster and better. The new iPad continues the post-PC revolution. And Typi helps you take the new iPad even further.


The Typi is designed to serve as a case that includes both a built-in stand and a QWERTY Bluetooth keyboard. The keyboard is held to the inside cover with magnets. This means the keyboard can be left in place while you use it or, by simply pulling on it, you can remove it from the case and place it into an even more comfortable position. This becomes especially important when one takes not of the fact that the built-in stand comes with two viewing angles. The flexibility of two viewing positions and a keyboard that can be detached and used in various positions makes for a keyboard/case that can fit the way each individual prefers to work. It even includes a row of custom hotkeys that make it even easier to control the iPad from the keyboard. And if you need to travel light you can simply leave the keyboard behind although this leaves the case feeling a bit loose when closed.

The case is made from leather and felt. It feels nice, although it is a bit chunky and is well-made. The keyboard includes Bluetooth: v2.0. That means you can use the keyboard up to 33′ from the iPad. It will run for up to 12 hours on a charge with a standby tie of up to 30 days. It charges in just 3 hours.

In all, it is a fairly standard package although the magnets used to hold the keyboard and the magnetic closure strap are a nice, unique touch.


The case measures 10.2″ x 8.1″ x 1.2″. The folio and keyboard together weigh in at 18oz. The folio alone is 10oz while the keyboard alone comes in at 8oz. It is, however, difficult to understand how that translates into the experience of using the keyboard/case so let’s take a closer look at it on video.

As you can see from the video, the Typi is a bit on the chunky side


Perhaps the best aspect of it is the keyboard. It has a decent feel and the leather palm/wrist rest is a nice feature for anyone who likes to types with their palms resting on the table or desk. Thanks to my fused wrist I don’t (actually can’t) type like this so the soft leather palm rests are waisted on me.


Overall this is a good choice if you don’t mind a chunky case and a decent but not superb keyboard. The price is right at under $80 but my advice is to shop around before jumping on this, or any, keyboard case. Think about it, if either the case or the keyboard aren’t a good fit for you the entire package will fall short. So take you time, think about what you want, need and how you work and then jump in. All that said the Typi gets “rated” as a keyboard/case that is “decent and worth considering but really think before you buy”.

You can get more information on the product page.

MSRP: $79

What I Like: iPad case and keyboard in one; Magnetic strap keeps the folio closed as soon as it is placed into position; Keyboard is easily detachable thanks to magnets and can be positioned anywhere within 33 feet; Keyboard has special iPad control keys

What Needs Improvement: Chunky; Keyboard is decent but not great; Palm rest is great it you like it but adds unnecessary weight and size if you don’t

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