Logitech Helps Keep Students Productive and Stylish

Logitech Helps Keep Students Productive and Stylish

Believe it or not, school is just a few weeks away. As students prepare to go back and get ready to move into their dorms, they will be searching for the best gear. Of course students need devices that aid in the learning process while allowing them to be stylish. When I was a student I always worked more effectively in a comfortable place where I could listen to some tunes while getting ready for the big test or writing the 20 page paper. Logitech has some products to ensure creating the best, and most stylish  learning environment possible.

Stylish student: Let’s face it – a desk can get pretty boring. Spruce it up with some color!

Solution: Of course, going back to school is all about reinventing personal style, and Logitech allows young adults to express themselves through their tech accessories with its new Global Graffiti Collection line! With fun and funky designs for keyboards and mice, there’s a color or pattern that will help any student add a personal flare to their devices. (MSRP $29.99)

Music lover: Whether they’re moving into a dorm room or hanging out with friends at home, they love to entertain with the best music.

Solution: To rock out and have fun, Logitech offers the Logitech UE Air Speaker. The device streams uncompressed audio from an iPad, iPhone, iPod touch or laptop, and features a hideaway drawer to turn the speaker into a dock and charging station. This wireless speaker connects via Apple’s AirPlay® technology to provide a full, rich stereo sound that will be sure to keep their study breaks fun. (MSRP $399.99)

 I am kind of jealous… typewriters and compact discs were not nearly as cool when I was a student!

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