Lenovo Yoga Adds New Devices to the Family; the Yoga S940 Wows

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Lenovo is known for two major computer lines: ThinkPad and Yoga. They’ve announced a bunch of ThinkPad updates too, but the real star today is the Yoga line, which is adding an all-in-one to go along with their 2-in-1 laptops, plus there’s a fancy new mouse to round out the Yoga family!

Lenovo Yoga Adds New Devices to the Family; the Yoga S940 Wows

Lenovo Yoga S940

The Lenovo Yoga S940 looks like an absolute beast of a device. It sports Lenovo’s Contour Glass that has “minuscule” bezels with a 90% screen to body ratio, so it will really seem like it’s all screen, and at 13.9″ that’s a lot of screen. It also has Lenovo Smart Assistant that works with Alexa and Cortana, along with other smart features like blurring the background during video calls (presumably this is to make your calls focus on you, but it does lead to questions about where people were making video calls that Lenovo felt the need to include this). The S940 can be spec’d out up to 16GB of RAM and 1 terabyte of storage, plus a 4k Ultra HDR screen and Dolby Atmos. Basically, it’s an insane amount of computing power in an ultra-portable format. The Yoga S940 should be shipping in May 2019 for $1,499.

Lenovo Yoga Adds New Devices to the Family; the Yoga S940 Wows

Lenovo Yoga C730

If that’s not the right fit for you, there’s the Lenovo Yoga C730. This offers an anodized aluminum chassis, an Active Pen for inking, and a 15.6″ 4k OLED screen! It’s not the same sort of ultraportable Yoga as its cousin, but it is a versatile everyday computer, especially if you need the ability to write or draw on the screen. Look for the C730 in April of 2019 for $1,649.

Lenovo Yoga Adds New Devices to the Family; the Yoga S940 Wows

Lenovo Yoga A940

Maybe you’re more of a desktop user. Some people like desktops, no judgment from us — or from Lenovo, who have applied the Yoga formula to an all-in-one desktop, the Yoga A940. It has a special hinge to adjust the angle for drafting and drawing, plus it comes with the “Lenovo Precision Dial” for Photoshop, Lightroom, and other Adobe products.

The A940 will offer Dolby Atmos as an option, plus a wireless charging dock built into the base. The screen will be 27in and offer a 4k resolution, so start saving your pennies and mark your calendar for March 2019-the A940 will be on sale starting at $2,199.99.

Lenovo has a new Yoga mouse too, and in true Yoga form it has a dual mode-twist it into a mouse shape, or use it flat as a laser pointer for presentations. It is small enough to fit in your shirt pocket, but please don’t carry a mouse in your shirt pocket. That’s just a weird fashion choice. In any case, the Yoga mouse offers Bluetooth and wireless USB support, an integrated laser pointer, and clocks in at the very reasonable $69.99 this June.

Lenovo Yoga Adds New Devices to the Family; the Yoga S940 Wows

Lenovo Yoga Mouse

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