Total ArKade Software Conjures Up Major Update for AbraWordabrA for iOS and Android

Back in the dim, dark past of the latter portion of the last century, learning math was a laborious, tedious job for me. It likely wasn’t all that exciting to my friends and classmates back in the day either. Improving our math skills consisted largely of poring over printed material and flash cards, with an occasional rare foray into a few educational programs on TV. For the most part, learning math was often BORING. The upshot is that we got to inhale the sweet odor of the blue mimeographed quiz/test papers, part of the educational rites of a bygone era. In the present day, kids are blessed with a variety of multimedia tools to make learning math much more enjoyable, and Total Arkade Software has just updated their AbraWordabA learning app to include a fun math mode to augment their fun word learning games.

Math mode is a whole new mode featuring 20 levels of crazy mayhem and fiendish puzzles to solve, it joins 4 other modes already available in AbraWordabrA.

  • ‘Fill the Gap’ has you filling in word blanks in a race against the clock and the evil Marvo.
  • ‘Miss Spell’ tests your spelling to the max when Marvo tries to fool you by putting the wrong letters into words…a truly fiendish puzzler!
  • ‘Float On’ starts simply with you guiding a balloon to a magic book, but soon offers a lot more with many balloons and Marvo’s motley crew, the needle brigade, Pogo pongs and mini man Marvo chasing you all over!
  • ‘Ultimate Genius!’ says it all, here you can make ANY word you want to reach a target score.
  • NEW – ‘Math mode’ has you trying to make the numbers add up!

Would that I had nifty apps like this when I was a school-ager as AbraWordAbrA puts to shame all those green-screened CBM public domain ASCII apps I had on my C-64.  Lucky you…head on over to the Apple or Android app stores and check AbraWordAbrA out! (Mimeograph scent not included…anyone want to invest in making a scented/scratch-and-sniff screen protector?)

AbraWORDabrA – Total Arkade Software Pty Ltd (iOS link)

MSRP: $0.99

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