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Archibald’s Adventure is a unique action puzzle platform game. The story of Archibald’s Adventure goes something like this:-

Archibald and his friends were near a dump behind a mysterious mansion of inventor – professor Klumpfus. Accidentally Archie fell down a pipe and ended up in professor’s basement. In the same time some crazy experiment went wrong and all genetically engineered creatures escaped from their containment in laboratories, while paranoid central computer locked the whole complex up! Now both Archibald and professor got stuck in the mansion!

It’s up to you to help Archie to overcome all of the pitfalls of the mansion, and use your skills and wit to guide the heroes through more than 100 uncanny levels!


  • Go through 163 levels in this mind blowing action puzzle platform game
  • Experience innovative gameplay with many unique features of the hero: transportation of objects, riding on walls and ceilings, flying with a jet armchair and more
  • Use your wit and fast reaction to avoid nasty dangers of the mad scientist’s mansion
  • Use the professor’s device pod to climb the walls or his artificial intelligence matter to solve riddles
  • Encounter lots of weird and funny lifeforms running loose in the levels!

Game Play


Archibald’s Adventure originally has only 114 levels, but as Rake in Grass provides updates to the game, it now has an additional 49 levels to keep you entertained! Archibald’s Adventure carries a kid-friendly plot that pits Archibald and his friends in a totally radical skateboard jumping contest. The result? It ended up with Archibald plunged deep into Professor Klumpfus’s mansion. The goal of the game revolves around getting both Archibald and the professor out of the mansion when the mansion’s central computer system locks them in with genetic experiments gone awry, meaning, you get to play Archibald and Professor Klumpfus throughout the game!



Each section has 16 levels and there’s a total of 8 sections with the exception of the last section which has only 1 level, the ‘Finale’, which brings us to a total of 113 levels. You might ask, “Where’s the last level?”. Well, that’s the ‘Show Intro’ level, which tells the story of how Archibald ended up in the mansion. With the exception of the first and last section, the other sections have 2 bonus level, which can only be unlocked once you have completed the other 14 levels in the section.


Some levels can be completed within seconds, but as you progressed further into the game, you will find more difficult challenges that awaits you. Teleports, laser beams, mutant creatures all come into play. The whole trick to the game is to get Archibald from point A to point B using his skill and applying it to the surrounding environment. Moving from one end of the pipeline, open doors that will lead you to another puzzle, avoid traps, jump into ledges, race through the line to avoid moving spikes and dropping lethal substances, all applies to the game to reach the end of every level.


Tutorials are provided throughout the game, though mostly will be on the first couple of levels. This will allow new players to get comfortable with the controls before further proceeding to more challenging levels that requires you to figure the right combination of move or hitting the right switches to complete the level.

The game saves every time you completed a level so you don’t have to worry about going through those frustrating levels again. Yes, some levels are frustrating and it takes a few tries. Luckily for us, in some levels, you would be able to save in mid-level with the ‘respawning device’, so you don’t have to restart the whole level again for a minor mistake. Very useful, especially when you have to try a couple of times to get the timing right.



The controls are simple really. Tap and hold left will guide Archibald left amd vice versa. In more advanced levels, when you get your ‘artificial intelligence matter’ (which is just a bubble really), you will be able to freely guide it with a simple tap and hold anywhere on the screen that you want to guide it to. You will gain speed as long as you’ve reached a certain range so there is no need to double tap to move quicker or anything. Even if you need to jump from a ledge to another, the game does it for you as long as you keep your finger on the screen.



The graphics are colorful and awesome. Backgrounds are well rendered. For a 2D game, Archibald’s Adventure has a solid animation movement. Musics are great. Sound effects are well synced with every movement. I have yet to come across any bugs or crashes throughout the game, so I would say that this game is pretty stable.


Overall, Rake in Grass has done a pretty good job. The game is stable with great cartoon graphics, and well synced sound effects. With 100+ levels to keep you entertained, I would say this is a must have game for every Windows Mobile owners out there. There may be a bit of frustration involved with some levels, but it’s all in extremely good fun! With constant updates from Rake in Grass, I hope to see more levels added into it, or perhaps, a whole new adventure for Archibald!

Archibald’s Adventure is available directly from Rake in Grass or other retailers.

MSRP: $9.95

I was given a registered version of Archibald’s Adventure in order to do this review.

What I Like:

  • Great stable game with great cartoon graphics!
  • Lots of level to keep you entertained

What Needs Improvement:

  • Frustration in some levels, but it’s all fun!

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