Order Your Next Domino’s Pizza by Texting a Pizza Emoji, Because You Can


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As if using the Domino’s iPhone or Android app to order your favorite pie wasn’t easy enough, the company recently added ordering by tweet. Not everyone tweets, but just about everyone (except my mom) texts, and now all it takes to order a pizza by texting is to send a pizza emoji to Domino’s.

Order Your Next Domino's Pizza by Texting a Pizza Emoji, Because You Can

Beginning today, you can opt-in to add your mobile number to your existing Domino’s Pizza Profile. When you get hungry, you can re-order your established Easy Order “by simply texting the pizza emoji or “Easy Order” to DPIZZA (374992).”

“There are an estimated 8 trillion texts sent every year worldwide,” said Patrick Doyle, Domino’s president and CEO. “With so many people using their devices to communicate in this way, it made sense to allow our customers the chance to order pizza that way, too.”

Order Your Next Domino's Pizza by Texting a Pizza Emoji, Because You Can

Pizza emoji … still yummy

So let’s tick off all the ways you can order your favorite pie (my fave is hand-tossed with pepperoni, mushrooms, and jalepenos, by the way): You can order via old-school phone calls, over the Domino’s website, over the Domino’s app, through Twitter (by tweeting #EASYORDER or the pizza emoji to @DOMINOS), over your Samsung Smart TV, through your Pebble smartwatch app, over your Android Wear smartwatch app, through the Ford SYNC AppLink system, voice ordering with Dom, and now by texting an emoji to Domino’s.

Are you intrigued? Hungry? You can learn more by visiting anyware.dominos.com.

Be sure to set up your profile so you can give this pizza by texting the pizza emoji thing a try.

I’ll have to wait until I’m visiting my daughter again to try it; Domino’s still doesn’t deliver to the ranch! Boo! 😉


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