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July 21, 2012 • Events, Gear Bits

GearFest Gear Chat Part 4, Google Apps – Yay or Nay?

Screen Shot 2012 07 21 at 11 31 32 AM

This was a sweet thought, a search mega-player committed to doing things in a kind, open and customer-friendly manner. But we all know it isn’t the case. No, Google is just a money-making machine and just as Health Insurance Companies make their money by saying “No” to sick people and reimbursing physicians at a rate of pennies on the dollar, Google makes the bulk of their cash by giving you seemingly free services and then using the personally data they rake in to make money. (Yes, I know, the video below is hosted on YouTube… what are you going to do.)

So Google has pretty much gotten over the whole “Don’t Be Evil” thing. Now it is “Mo’ Money… Mo’ Money”. That even includes…

Screen Shot 2012 07 21 at 11 32 45 AM

Buying awesome Mac and iOS properties like Sparrow and promptly killing them. (Apologies if the picture offends but it does kinda say all that needs to be said about Google purchasing Sparrow last week doesn’t it?)

So what Google apps ARE we all using? Take a look…

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