“Cinderfella” Reimagines Disney Princess Stories


Like just about every kid in America, I grew up watching Disney movies. Of course, most girls don’t cast themselves as Prince Charming, but that should have been an early clue for me that maybe I wasn’t like the other kids.

Apparently I wasn’t the only one rewriting fairy tales! Todrick Hall, who apparently was on American Idol (I don’t follow the show) has put together an adorable mash up of Disney princess tales and pop songs. He casts himself as “Cinderfella”, and he yearns to head to the ball to find his Prince Charming. The whole video is cute, and it ends with a heartfelt plea for viewers to understand that love is love, whether it is Cinderfella and his Prince, Jasmine and Alice in Wonderland, or the traditional Prince meets Princess story!

Check out the full video here:

Via Afterellen

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  1. Wasn’t Cinderfella also an old Jerry Lewis movie? Not sure I would have picked that title! LOL

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