Stuffa Jacket Holds ALL Your Stuff

Stuffa Jacket Holds ALL Your Stuff

 (image courtesy Stuffa)

The folks at Gizmodo have stumbled upon a fascinating new clothing line, called the “Stuffa” jacket. It’s a jacket with pockets designed to hold several day’s worth of clothing. What an original concept. I wonder where they got the idea from…

Actually, all sarcasm aside, the creator says he had the idea while watching people get creamed by baggage fees:

I flew home late April with the remaining staff. It was at Geneva airport that the fun of checking in started and the idea for Stuffa first came to me. Everyone was having to pay the excess baggage fees and all the seasonaires started unpacking all their bags throwing old clothes in bins, stuffing clothes into their pockets, moving as much stuff into their hand luggage and putting on extra layers. It was funny to watch but also frustrating that the airlines where charging so much for something that really is unfair. Nobody weighs the passengers. I mean, I am 6ft tall and weigh almost 100kgs. There was a girl who I had worked with all winter, almost half my weight being asked to pay an extra £120 because she was 6kg’s over!!! I thought that there must be a way of avoiding this. Everyone hates paying the fee’s. I have had loads of trouble in the past with flying with surfboards which I have hated. I will avoid flying with BA because they wont take surfboards on flights anymore.

So that was it, I started to think about ways you could avoid paying excess baggage fees, and the girl who had the instinctive, instant solution of stuffing her pockets with clothes, was the one I found most interesting.

Apparently they are a really small company with a focus on adventure and the outdoors…reading through their website you get the sense that while other companies have staff development days, these guys probably have staff surfing days! The Stuffa seems slightly pricey at $148, but hopefully they see some success and expand their line. I have said for a long time that someone needs to make athletic wear suitable for running with better pockets … hint, hint, Stuffa!


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