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Ten One Design has a relatively small portfolio of products, but each is designed with a great deal of thought. Today we’re going to take a look at one of their newer and more unusual products – the Magnus for iPad.

The Magnus is a stand for the second or third generation iPad that seeks to make its mark by… well… not making its mark. In other words, this is an iPad stand that seeks to be as minimalistic as possible while still being quite useful. Did they succeed? Let’s take a look and then give one away!

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From Ten One Design:

Are magnets magic? The front of the iPad shows no visible support. How can this be?

It’s in the name. We think of magnets as magic; maybe you do, too. In any case, Magnus uses a strong magnetic link to hold the iPad. All this while remaining completely out of the way.

Magnus is first machine-crafted from pure aluminum and then hand-finished using the latest manufacturing techniques. After that, customized magnets are installed into the base, and rubberized feet are fitted to the bottom surface.

Our designers targeted a reduced silhouette. Viewed from the side, you see only the iPad’s tilt, and a flat plate on the desk. From there, the engineering took over.

Magnus may look like it’s defying gravity, but the magnetics keep it secure. Make sure to use two hands when removing your iPad. Magnus will try to hold on and may lift off the desk.

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If you have ever wanted the functionality of an iPad stand but didn’t want the bulky appearance of one this is going to be the stand for you. It has a low profile that all but disappears when the iPad is in place. In fact, it all but disappears even when the iPad IS in place. It is a rather cool illusion that is accomplished by using magnets to hold the iPad securely in place.

That means there need not be a groove into which the iPad slips nor any sort of mechanical support for the tablet. Nope, it is just the metal plate and the iPad “floating” above it.

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It also means that the side of the iPad that is designed to grab the smart cover needs to be in contact with the base. That means the iPad can only be placed down in landscape and will only hold securely with the home button to the right while facing it if you want the magnets to take over. It WILL however, sit the other way or in portrait but it is not all that secure. That could be an issue if you aren’t careful.

And while you can have a protective skin on the back of the iPad, which is a good idea since the bare iPad can result in metal coming into contact with metal, you cannot use most cases.

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The design also means you only get a single angle for viewing or using the iPad.

I found that problematic while using the stand since I actually do want a stand that allows me to use my iPad in either landscape or portrait. After all, there are some activities that work better in one orientation or the other. In addition, I like to be able to have some flexibility with regard to viewing angles. The one that is offered by the Magnus is, at least for me, a bit too steep for easy viewing. Your experience may be different from mine but I, for one, didn’t find this to be the right angle for me.

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It may sound like I’m being harsh about the Magnus. I certainly don’t mean to be. This is a neat stand and a great way to have your iPad in place with the illusion of it simply floating in the air. It is a terrific conversation piece too. As Ten One Design puts it

This isn’t one of those portable travel stands. Leave it on your desk, ok?

Yes, it is neat and if the viewing angle works for you, then you will love it.

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The Magnus is a good iPad stand with a few shortcomings that prevent me from being completely wowed by it. It is, however, one of the cooler iPad stands I’ve seen or used. Details and ordering information can be found here. And make sure to enter to win one of your own!

MSRP: $49.99

What I Like: Minimalistic; Everything goes better with magnets; The magnets hold the iPad securely

What Needs Improvement: Only one viewing angle; Only one orientation activates the magnetic hold; If you are not careful you will have metal on metal which could leave a mark.

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  1. tweetyscute | August 29, 2012 at 12:24 pm |

    My kids love watching movies on the ipad and this would be a perfect stand

  2. I would like to have this to use to watch movies.

  3. This would be great for keeping track of Twitter or Facebook while working. Or my Words With Friends games. :-}

  4. I have been debating about which stand to try.This would be a good start.

  5. This would really come in handy when developing in coda using the live preview on the ipad!

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