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September 1, 2012 • Editorials

The Best iOS Apps for Taking Notes

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We’re back with another “Best Apps for…” This time out we’re looking at the Best Apps for Taking Notes…

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Judie: The built-in notes app is great for quick jots, but for heavier duties, I can’t recommend AudioNote highly enough! (iPad version here.)

Dan: Judie, but there is no sync except over local WiFi with Audio Note?

Judie: Dan, when I’m trying to listen to a lecture, meeting or in the middle of an important interview, the audio coupled with time-stamped (in relation to the recorded audio) is invaluable. It’s not that big of a deal to me to sync later.

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Chris: I use the built-in notes app the most too, but I also take meeting notes using Penultimate.

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Carly: I use the built-in notes app constantly. iCloud sync makes it super easy, and it is much, much faster and more lightweight than Evernote.

Travis: Evernote, here. Syncs with everything. Searchable. It is all I use!

Dan: I’m using the resident notes app a lot. And end up going to Evernote more for storing stuff than the active note taking.

Judie: That’s exactly how I use Evernote.

Chris: I’ve never been a fan of Evernote. It always seemed like to much work for such a simple task as taking notes!

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Bryan: I waffle between Notes and Evernote as well. Notes is great in a jiffy for a quick jot as it is a bit speedier, but Evernote is nice for more serious note taking and syncing across various devices and platforms. I may also have to keep an eye on OneNote.

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Mike: I use Notebooks because it integrates Office capability, PDF import, task lists, and on and on …

Dan: Mike, nice rec. the app has really improved since I last used it.


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Mike: I have always been looking for something that is a great organizer, task manager but mostly a notebook app for use with project stuff at work. Notebooks isn’t perfect, but it works for me. Projectbook is a major disappointment.

Dan: Major!!

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Carly: Mike’s comment dislodged something in my head. I have been playing with Todo on the iPad, and there’s a notes section there too. It’s a bit different since it is a note tied to a task, but I need to remember that’s an option…since a good chunk of my notes end up as todos anyway, this could be handy.

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Jeff: I was a pretty avid user of Simplenote. I still like it for its simple UI, Chrome app, and Dropbox connectivity, but the lack of a native Android app finally drove me away from it, given how much I switch between an iOS and Android device.

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Dan: Appigo also has an app called Notebook. They work well together.

So there you have our discussion of the Best Apps for Taking Notes… Did we miss any? What are your favorites and why? Leave us a comment below.

2 Responses to " The Best iOS Apps for Taking Notes "

  1. scottyb1967 says:

    I use Notebooks quite often. There is a limited use Mac version and a pc beta version. For those using OneNote, the outline+ app is excellent. I really wish growly notes would come out with an iPad version. It’s a great OneNote alternative for the Mac.

    I find goodnotes to be the best all around notes app for handwritten notes.

  2. Rodney St. John says:

    Audio note is great for notes and audio, but lack of Dropbox or other sync methods is a major bummer. Therefore I use Notablility. The audio recording works, it is not as fancy as AudioNote, but the ability to annotate pdf, handwrite and type notes, organize notebooks, and several sync services make it a winner in my note taking world.

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