Get Ready for Summer with the Pear Training Intelligence Kit

With warm weather allegedly on the horizon, it is time to start getting out and getting into shape. Pear Sports has developed a $99.95 kit turning your iPhone or Android phone into a training station. With heart rate monitoring and knowing your fitness goals, the app will use real-time coaching to help you meet your goals. Let’s take a look.

I have actually requested the assistance of my wife for this review since she is pretty regular with her workouts. I have been working out, but I am on a self-created weight lifting plan. The Pear Training Intelligence Kit that she will be using consists the Pear Bluetooth heart rate monitor, Pear Stride headphones, Earlock earpieces and a nylon gear bag. These devices paired with an iPhone or Android phone and the free Pear app plan to get you in perfect shape heading into the summer.


The Pear Stride headphones are designed with the athlete in mind. The headphones are splash and sweat resistant and offer a customized fit. I have to admit, I was not expecting much from the Stride headphones at first glance. The Earlock Retention System did not look as if it would be comfortable. Boy was I wrong! The retention system actually works amazingly well. The rubber ear pieces hold the headphones in perfect place using the natural folds of the ear. They are quite comfortable and hold perfectly tight while running or jumping. A button controller is located on the right ear piece and worked fine controlling my audio. The sound is also really good. I listened to a variety of music genres from Spotify and was impressed with the sound quality. While a different experience than usual audiophile phones, these are great for anyone planning on being active.

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If you have ever used a Bluetooth heart rate monitor, then the provided device will feel familiar. The sensor straps around your lower chest and will connect via Bluetooth to read your heart rate. My wife required multiple attempts to get a good reading, but the application was good about offering tips to fix the issues. Once it is connected and has a good heart reading you are ready to get to work. The different workouts will use your heart readings to adjust and keep the workouts personalized to your needs and health level. My wife’s coach just told her she had to pick it up because she was not in zone three.

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Fran chose a Free Format workout from the menu then ventured into some toning programs. There are many workouts to choose from the Workout Store. Think of it as an app store for personalized workouts. Once a workout is chosen, it downloads and installs inside the app. Workouts range in price from Free to $50 and can meet just about any need. It appears there are workouts for just about any level and style. You can try walking programs, weight and gym workouts and even use the app to train for a marathon. I think we will both use the workouts in the future. The workout coaches do a great job of pushing and encouraging during the workouts. My wife liked that the directions were pretty clear since you cannot watch anyone do the movements.

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My wife and I enjoyed doing this review together and even more, we enjoyed the Pear Training Intelligence Kit for the iPhone. The devices included all are high quality and work well and the app is fantastic. I love the fact that we can choose just about any kind of workout and keep it customized as it reads your heart rate. This makes the training truly personalized, safe and effective. If you are serious about getting your body in shape, training for a marathon or preparing for the beach, the Pear Training Intelligence Kit is the perfect product for mobile workouts.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

MSRP: $99.95

What I like: A huge library of available workouts to meet any needs. Each workout utilizes the hardware to customize and coach the user.

What could be improved: I wish it could make my knees not hurt anymore! Getting old after a life of abusing my knees is no fun.

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