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September 4, 2012 • Reviews

Sena UltraSlim for HTC ONE X Review

Gear Diary Sena

As much as I love using various cases – they add color, style and, often, functionality, my iPhone spends the majority of its time relatively naked. Yes, I usually have a screen protector and some sort of back protection on it but, other than that, it’s just the iPhone. My reason? Simple, I love the feel of the iPhone itself, and even the most minimalistic case adds some degree of bulk. When my iPhone is being used in this state I will either carry it in my Sena UltraSlim pouch or the Creativo Pouch we reviewed here.

For about a week, I was using the HTC ONE X exclusively as my smartphone. [I sold my iPhone 4S in anticipation of the new iPhone and figured I would be fine using something else in the interim, but I wasn’t.] I needed some way to protect the super-slim, super-slick ONE X. Fortunately Sena also makes an UltraSlim pouch for it. Here’s a look.

Gear Diary Sena 003

From Sena:

The UltraSlim is the thinnest leather case ever designed for any mobile device. It is perfect for those who prefer zero bulk.

Screen Shot 2012 09 04 at 8 31 06 AM

It Features:

Light zero bulk protective layer

Soft velvet lining with stitching along opening

Thinnest pouch Sena offers

Gear Diary Sena 005

So there isn’t all that much to say about this case, except for the fact that I love it. It is thin. It is light. It protects the phone while the phone is inside. It feels great in the hand. Sena uses amazing leather and the craftsmanship is superb. BUT, to use the phone you need to remove it from the pouch and, once outside in the world, the phone has zero protection.

Screen Shot 2012 09 04 at 8 30 55 AM

The case comes in four different colors. As usual I got black as the review sample, but I think the white on would look great with the HTC ONE X!

Screen Shot 2012 09 04 at 8 31 14 AM

Oh, and there is one more thing to say about the Sena UltraSlim for the HTC ONE X… I’ll be ordering one for the iPhone 5 as soon as the company offers it. After all, when you want to carry your pricey smartphone in the most “natural” way possible, you still need to have some way to protect it when in a pocket or bag. I can’t think of a better option. You can learn more and order yours here on the sena website.

MSRP: $29.99

What I Like: Thin; Light; Gorgeous leather that comes in four colors; Priced well

What Needs Improvement: Pouches only protect phones when actually inside and, when there, you can’t use the phone

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