CVS Mobile App Update Brings Same-Day Photo Printing

CVS Mobile App Update Brings Same-Day Photo Printing

Since last year when Walgreens (the pharmacy closest to my house) and my company’s health insurance provider failed to reach an agreement on prescription medication prices, I’ve found myself in a CVS pharmacy a lot more frequently. And you know, they’re pretty good places. I haven’t used them for much other than pharmacy purposes and picking up the odd item or two, but given the improvements they’ve just made to their mobile app, I may just start using them for photo printing.

CVS’ updated mobile app will allow customers to print photos directly from their smartphone camera or their account. They’re then available for pickup the same day for no additional cost at their local CVS pharmacy location. And if you’re not sure where the closest CVS is, the app will use your phone’s GPS to find it. Here’s the detail from their press release:

Using the app, shoppers can capture special moments from vacations, family outings and celebrations, as well as place a print order directly on their phone for same day pick up, by using the built-in GPS locator to find a nearby CVS/pharmacy. additional benefits of downloading the free CVS/pharmacy mobile app from Apple’s App Store or through Google Play include:

  • Order 4×6, 5×7 and 8×10 prints directly from their smartphone or from their account for Same Day Pick Up in-store
  • Access to special photo offers and promotions
  • Upload images from their smartphone to their account where they can create creative products like cards, photo books, calendars and canvas prints

In addition to printing photos from smartphones, shoppers using the CVS mobile app also have access to a number of other time and money-saving tools, such as the ability to digitally store ExtraCare card information in their smartphones, managing and refilling prescriptions and viewing prescription history and full mCommerce shopping. Interested shoppers can download the applications from devices or visit


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