Monster and Viacom Announce Monster DNA Audio

Monster DNA Black Side

As we have discussed numerous time recently, headphones have become fashion statements as much as they are audio. But that is the point- for headphones to stand out they need to have both the sound and the style. Too often it seems style becomes the focus and thee audio is almost an afterthought. That surely won’t be the case with the new headphones coming out of a joint venture between Monster, “the world’s leading manufacturer of high-performance headphones and electronic accessories”, and Viacom, “home to the world’s premier entertainment brands”. Yes, these headphones promise to offer great audio quality on the one hand and, as for style… I mean… just look at these headphones!?!?! Talk about cool style! As the release notes,

With Monster’s latest advancement in sound engineering, Monster DNA headphones bring music listeners a new sound that is as powerful and striking as the bold design of the headphone itself. More than a headphone, Monster DNA will look to serve today’s music listener and music artists with a focus on music sharing, music community, and social awareness reaching the music entertainment community globally through an exclusive integrated campaign across Viacom music and entertainment brands worldwide including CMT, COMEDY CENTRAL, Logo, MTV, SPIKE, Tr3s, VH1 and VH1 Classic.

Monster DNA Blue Side

Monster really started or at least rocketed forward the way people think about headphones and fashion with the initial release of Beats by Dr. Dre headphones. Now they are stepping up their game in a big way. ““We’re excited about what we have accomplished with next generation sound with Monster DNA.” noted Noel Lee, The Head Monster, “It’s the evolution of what a headphone can look and sound like. Sonically, they completely kick ass yet still have refined sound qualities that all music lovers can appreciate.”

The endeavor will have each company bringing its expertise to the table. Viacom, for example, will “provide a global platform for the Monster DNA headphones through its diverse entertainment brands, which continue to innovate, create culture and connect with young audiences at the intersection of music and entertainment”. Monster, on the other hand, brings the audio chops. They “took a very aggressive approach to evolve its audio signature, the technologies that make it possible, the “not-square-or-round” triangle speaker housing, and its fashion forward two-tone color design”. Among the key design considerations that emerged as the product came into being are advanced ear cushions and an overall lightness that provide comfort and ease of wearing for extended periods. Said Lee,

We tried to think of everything we could do to make Monster DNA better than anything out there for today’s extensive music listener. We even included a nifty ‘buddy’ jack to share what you’re listening to, something we thought people might want to do but haven’t thought about.

Monster DNA Teal Side
Monster DNA will officially launch a new campaign at the “2012 MTV Video Music Awards,” airing live from Los Angeles on Thursday, September 6 at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT. Moreover, the new headphones will be integrated into several elements, and VMA performing and presenting music artists and celebrities will have the first-hand look and sound experience when they receive special chrome versions, a nod to MTV’s moon man.

Monster DNA will be available in the U.S in September and in Europe in October at Apple stores worldwide, Best Buy and more. On-Ear models come in Black, White, Cobalt Blue and Perfect Teal for a suggested retail price of $229.95. In-Ear versions come in Black and White and have an MSRP:$119.95. You can learn more here.

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