CROON Audio’s Original Sound System Looks Great, Promises to Sound Just as Good

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I went into the office today after a few weeks of vacation. While returning email I decided to listen to some tunes. My set up at work looks like this- I have an excellent Altec Lansing Speaker that Judie gave me for Hanukkah a few years ago connected to an Airport Express which, in turn, is plugged into the wireless ethernet post that comes into my study. It was that Airport Express that provided WiFi in that part of the building. More than that, however, it also takes the standard, docking stereo and turns it into an Airplay-enabled speaker. I started Spotify on my iPad and went to the Airplay icon to start streaming the music. I wasn’t… there. Yes, there was no Airplay icon on my iPad… or my iPhone. I did some research and quickly discovered the problem. While I was away there was a lightning strike. It blew out all the routers in the building and that included my Airport Express. The new router is in my Assistant’s office. It works great but it means there is no Airplay in my study. Bummer.

If, instead of depending on AirPlay, the speaker was Bluetooth-enabled the music would have flowed today. It did not and, as a result, the music didn’t. That’s the problem with AirPlay- you either need an AirPlay-enabled speaker or an AirPort Express. And there’s another issue with AirPlay, it won’t work with Android or Windows Phone. That’s where Bluetooth-enabled speakers have an edge. They tend to be reasonably-priced and they are universal. And if they look like Croon Audio’s Original Sound System all the better. You see, CROON Audio’s offering is Bluetooth-enabled, looks great and promises to sound even better.

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The system “delivers Hi-Fi audio with ultra-clean amplifier, vibration-absorbing housing and simple, one-button set up”. And would you look at it? This isn’t a speaker you are going to want to hide away somewhere. No, this promises to be something you want to hear AND see.

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The unit features,

-Incredible stereo sound with two 2.5” forward-facing full range drivers and 15w per channel output

-Stereophonic construction consists of cone feet to help isolate the speaker from the sounding environment and a tripod layout to provide stability regardless of surface

-Play music, movies and games directly from any device equipped with a Bluetooth connection or 3.5mm port

-Provides unique ability to charge your USB device even while streaming audio

The system is available in Black, Grey, White and Red that is complemented by wood accents. Surprisingly it is priced at just $199.99. You can learn more and order yours here on the company website.

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