You’ll Snap Your Fingers for the Libratone ONE Click Portable Speaker

I’m a huge fan of Libratone’s speakers. We reviewed the first generation of the ZIPP here on Gear Diary when it first came out, and the current iteration of the ZIPP (which added Bluetooth) in both sizes a few months ago. Now we are looking at the Libratone ONE Click and … I love it.


The ONE Click loses the amazing Airplay feature I have come to love on the ZIPP line of speakers and, instead, goes all-in on Bluetooth. That’s not a bad thing, especially considering the fact that this speaker is designed specifically as a portable speaker. (The ZIPP speakers can certainly go on the road with you thanks to their built-in battery and Bluetooth but, to my mind, they are primarily intended to be used in the house.) But while the ONE Click loses some of the functionality found in its cousins, it sports a smaller, more portable style, as well as something special that makes this speaker stand out from the pack. That’s the reasons the company notes you can… “DRESS IT UP OR DOWN”


The ONE Click is fairly small, measuring just 4.7” × 1.6” × 8” but, like all Libratone speakers, it sounds amazing and packs a punch. Inside the small, colorful package there is a 3” woofer, a 1” tweeter and 2 passive drivers. The result is amazing 360° sound that, when I first used the speaker, even impressed Raina. The speaker sounds best when it is in fairly close proximity to you, but it still sounds pretty amazing even when a good distance away. And because it uses Bluetooth, anything that plays on your mobile device can and will sound far, far better when it comes from the ONE Click. That’s why the company claims, “In other words, anything you play out your speaker will sound great.”


But there’s more to love with the Libratone ONE Click.

COME RAIN, COME SHINE: ONE Click’s protective rubber frame shields it from any surface – wet or dry, and a neat little cover protects its elements… from the elements.

That’s right, while the ONE Click isn’t waterproof, with its IPx4 splash proof rating, it is water-resistant. That’s why it was designed to be able to put up with moisture. That makes sense since, after all, the speaker is specifically designed to go wherever you go.

In addition, while the ONE Click does a great job going stag, the speaker is even happier when it is in a relationship. Take any two Libratone Bluetooth speakers, connect to the free downloadable app and you can turn them into a pair for twice the fun and, of course, twice the sound. And with its plentiful battery that offers up to 12 hours per charge, you’ll be just as happy to use the speaker when you are out and about as you will when plugged into a wall outlet at home.

The speaker features Bluetooth 4.1, a built-in mic for speakerphone, 360-degree sound, 12-hour battery, splash resistant (IPx4) and a 3.5-mm aux input so you can use it with a direct connection to an audio source.

All that is great and, thanks to the excellent sound the speaker delivers, would be enough to recommend it. But there is something unique about the ONE Click that makes it stand out. It is that feature that gives the speaker its unusual name.

The ONE Click name refers to the speaker’s ability to be transformed with just one click. (Okay, it takes a bit more than that, but the click is the key features.) Here’s how it works.


The speaker ships with some neat accessories. There is a loop that lets you hook the speaker around hang it from pretty much anything. There are also two anchors and a flexible handle that work together so you can either hang or carry the speaker however you want.


To use the system you first remove the soft rubber bumper that runs around the outside of the unit.


Inside you will see a number of spots that look like they can be removed. They look that way because they can be.


Pop the one at the top out and reach it with the loop accessory, and you’ll have a way to hang the speaker anywhere.


In fact, one end of the loop can click free so you can feed one end through a closed area and then lock it back in place.

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It’s actually pretty neat!


If, however, you want to take a more traditional route and would prefer a handle you can use the two anchors and the soft strap.


First, you remove two of the inserts. You can do two on opposite sides or you can do two that are at right angles to one another. Each approach will yield a different result.


Pop the two anchors into the holes that have ben created and replace the band around the speaker.


Then you place the holes in the strap over the metal portion of the anchors and… instant handle!

Libratone even says that more accessories will be coming in the future.

It is an awesome system that makes this one of the more unique speakers that I have seen in quite some time.


Features and Specifications:

  • 360° FullRoom: Unique acoustic technology sends sound waves in every direction through 4 internal speaker drivers
  • Connect Another: Pair up to 2 speakers together in the same room or in multiple rooms?
  • Charge up: Easy to move around with a convenient carrying handle and up to 12 hours of battery life
  • Speakerphone: Noise isolating and echo cancelling microphones built in, works via Bluetooth
  • Built to GO: Dimensions 4.7” × 1.6” × 8”, Power More than 12 hours of playback?
  • Personalization: Changeable frame allows you to change color and style. The click frame supports multiple different attachments.
  • Driver units: 3” woofer, 1” tweeter, Passive driver
  • Acoustic performance: 360° sound
  • 2 phone connections: Connect two phones and take turns playing music.
  • Weather resistance: IPx4 splash proof
  • App Simplicity: Setup and control your speaker with the Libratone App. Download it through the Google Play or the Apple App Store

I am a huge fan of this little speaker and so is Raina. It looks neat, sounds great, and it has a super-neat accessory system that lets you customize it to your liking and needs. I do wish it was truly waterproof, but at least it has an IPx4 rating and that means it is ready or most of the elements, In all, this is a great speaker and, at under $200, I highly recommend it!

Check it out here.

Source:  Manufacturer supplied review sample of the Libratone ONE Click

What I Like: Small in size big in sound; Accessories let you transform the speaker in creative ways; Can pair with other Libratone speakers; Decent battery life

What Needs Improvement: I wish it were truly waterproof instead of just water-resistant

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