Emergency Cell-Phone Lasts 10 Hours On A Single ‘AA’ Battery

Picture yourself stranded alone during a hurricane. The rain pelts the windows with oppressive vigor. A howling wind lifts lawn chairs off the patio. You reach into your pocket and grab your smart-phone. You’ve never been more desperate to check your twitter feed, but the battery’s already down to 5%. Four minutes later, that one tough level of Angry Birds: Space finally kills the phone. Out of nowhere, an enormous tree branch crashes through the living room window. You try to call for help, but you left your charger in the hotel room back in Atlanta.

What’s the solution? XPAL Power‘s SpareOne emergency cell-phone. It’s the only telephone in the entire world powered by a single ‘AA’ battery. The device boasts an impressive lifespan of 15 years on a single charge, as long as the phone goes unused. When the earthquake finally strikes, SpareOne delivers up to ten hours of talk time with just one Energizer battery. Incredible, right? It gets better. The device is operational between -22 and 140 degrees Fahrenheit, making it the ultimate lifeline in instances of extreme temperature fluctuation. Really, it’s the ultimate communications lifeline in any emergency situation.

Need a great conversation starter? It turns out September is National Emergency Preparedness Month. Actually, you probably shouldn’t start a conversation with that. Regardless, XPAL Power is launching a line of new waterproofs bags to coincide with this national event. They’ll be shipping all SpareOne phones sold this month in these impeccable waterproof bags (which are submersible up to one meter – for thirty minutes). Additionally, they’re offering $10 off on all purchases made on SpareOne.com

If you’re in the market for emergency gear, there’s never been a better time to buy. Put away your pumpkin-flavored coffee drink and head over to their website right now. This amazing, ridiculous, phone is available on site for a standard $69.99. If you think that’s too much, tell that to your wife/husband when the power’s out and your house floods. It won’t seem like a lot when your life’s on the line.

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