Bellroy’s Wallet Case for the iPhone 7 Is My personal Favorite

Is it safe to say that one of the best iPhone wallet cases that I’ve personally tried out just so happened to be by a company who specializes in wallets? Well if it is, let me just say: Bellroy has the best iPhone 7  wallet case I’ve used thus far.

Bellroy's Wallet Case for the iPhone 7 Is My personal Favorite

Last year I had the opportunity to try out Bellroy’s 3- Card wallet case for the iPhone 6 Plus, so with the new generation of iPhone’s out and slightly different with the 7/7+ models, Bellroy decided on slightly changing up what at the time was my favorite 6 Plus wallet case, and improved on the 7 Plus model making even more efficient. Instead of having the vertical card slot that the previous model has, this new version actually has been totally rethought by Bellroy, giving users an integrated section courtesy of a private flap that can house up to three of your favorite cards, be it a credit card or ID. Most of us have our iPhones in hand while on the move, and personally, I’ve been trying to do away with my pocket wallet for months now courtesy of Apple’s Wallet app, and now with the Bellroy Phone Case.

Available in six colors: Eucalyptus, Arctic Blue, Blue Steel, Black, Tamarillo & Caramel, the Phone Case by Bellroy’s card section actually has a magnetic closure that unlike regular leather pockets won’t wear out after aging, and become loose after constantly removing and inserting cards into the slots. Even though the case is made of certified leather and polymer, not only is it soft, but protects your iPhone (yep, even your shiny jet black version) with microfiber lining and chamfered edges that cover all of the important buttons.

Bellroy's Wallet Case for the iPhone 7 Is My personal Favorite

Bellroy is infamous for including an additional SIM card slot in all of their accessories, and that’s certainly no different with this iPhone 7 case. Not only is the case just great to hold, but it’s actually protected my phone once or twice from a fall as I got out of the case. Now I won’t say it will continue to do this over time because I may have just gotten lucky, but Bellroy’s products have never failed me in terms of sheer quality, and just overall usefulness. That’s a warning to you other smartphone wallet makers out there!

Bellroy's Wallet Case for the iPhone 7 Is My personal Favorite

You can purchase the Bellroy three card case for the iPhone 7 today for $69.95. Head over to Bellroy for more information.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review unit

What I Like: Leather sleeve is actually a better idea than the previous vertical model

What Needs Improvement: Nothing

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