Ventev Glide for Samsung Galaxy S5 Review

Ventev glide for Samsung Galaxy S5

The other day we took a look at the Ventev glide for the iPhone 5S. A pouch-style leather case, it features the benefit of pushing your phone up and out of the pouch when you need to pull it out and use it. The company also offers the Ventev glide for Samsung Galaxy S5; here’s our video review.


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The company describes the case this way:

Ventev glide for Samsung Galaxy S5 has an innovative lifting mechanism which partially ejects the phone from the pouch for quick and easy access.

The case is made a beautiful leather and comes in either black or camel. The contrasting thread adds to the look of the case and holds the various pieces of leather together quite well. The small venter name/logo embossed on the side is not too obvious. (I like that!) The inside of the pouch is lined with micro fiber. This keeps the phone safe from scratches and helps clean it off a bit each time the phone is inserted and removed.

The “magnetic closure mechanism” (i.e., a tab of leather that goes over the opening of the pouch and stays in place thanks to some magnet magic) pushes the phone down into the case and keeps it safely inside until you need to use the phone. When you want to actually access the phone you simply lift up on the tab to release the magnet’s grip. The spring-loaded mechanism inside the pouch pushes the phone up just enough to make it easy to grab and remove.

Ventev glide for Samsung Galaxy S5 Video Review

The Ventev glide features:

  • An innovative lifting mechanism which partially ejects the phone from the pouch for easy access.
  • A magnetic closure that ensures the phone is securely shielded while in the pouch.
  • An ultra-slim profile that provides protection without the unwanted bulk.
  • Is hand-crafted from 100% genuine leather
  • Has a micro fiber liner
  • Offers a form-fitting design for an ultra-slim profile
  • Is under $40

I’m not a huge fan of pouch-style cases since they only protect the phone when you are not actually using it. And while the Gear2 smart watch does make it easier to use your phone without actually having the device in hand, there are still plenty of times each day when I would need to pull my phone out of the glide. That, in turn, would leave it unprotected. I am hard-pressed to do that. All of that noted, were I a fan of pouch-style cases the Ventev glide for Samsung Galaxy S5 the one I would use. The leather looks and feels great, the build is excellent, the flap keeps your phone safely inside and the ejection system works surprisingly well. Oh, and it is under $40!

MSRP: $39.99

What I Like: Real leather; Well-made; Ejection system works well; Priced nicely

What Needs Improvement: Has the same limitations all pouch-style cases have

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample of the Ventev glide for Samsung Galaxy S5

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