IK Multimedia Releases Huge 2.6 Update for AmpliTube!

IK Multimedia Releases Huge 2.6 Update for AmpliTube!

I was just going through and trying to finish up my hands-on review of the major updates in AmpliTube 2.5 and AmpliTube Fender 1.2, and I noticed that AmpliTube appeared in my App Update list … with even MORE content added! As always there is a great combination of fixes and improvements along with in-app purchases of new amp and effect models. My review will be updated to include the version 2.6 content as well when it is published!

I was reading a history of bass amplification the other day just before the update came, and amongst the classic models highlighted was the Ampeg B-15R Flip Top. It has always been amazing to read about the challenges low-frequency amplification and sound reproduction caused for audio amplifier designers. The Ampeg is included, as are others from Ampeg, Soldano and T-Rex. It is a great content update that expands the incredible array of sounds possible through AmpliTube!

This special update includes the availability of 5 new gear models from some of the world’s top vintage and modern amplifier and effects manufacturers: Soldano®, Ampeg® and T-Rex®.

The release of AmpliTube 2.6 for iPhone/iPod touch/iPad coincides with the shipping of IK Multimedia’s newest mobile interface, iRig™ STOMP — a stompbox style mobile guitar interface (based upon the immensely popular iRig guitar interface adapter) – providing a stage-ready solution that can be integrated into a player’s pedalboard and connected directly to amplifier and PA systems.

More world-class gear for your iPhone/iPad:

AmpliTube for iPhone/iPod touch/iPad is a complete guitar/bass rig and recording studio that allows players to jam anywhere with world-class tone. It replicates a traditional guitar signal chain with pedalboards, amplifier heads, cabinets, microphone models and an expandable multi-track recording studio.

On the amplifier side, AmpliTube 2.6 adds the incredibly powerful and solid voicing of the Soldano “Super Lead Overdrive” SLO-100 Watt head, one of the most celebrated boutique guitar heads of all time and the heart and soul of many rock, metal and electric blues player sounds since 1987. For that big round sound of Motown, AmpliTube 2.6 now offers to bass players the Ampeg B-15R Portaflex “Flip Top” model.

For pedal junkies, satisfaction comes from three new offerings: the T-Rex® Engineering “Moller” Classic Overdrive, the AmpliTube Metal Distortion pedal for extreme gain and sustain and the AmpliTube “Big Pig” Distortion pedal featuring tones from smooth sustain and compression to heavy “buzzsaw” distortion modeled on classic vintage must-have pedals.

These models, combined with the huge selection of available gear from top-tier brands like Fender® and Rock & Roll Hall of Fame artist Slash, continue to elevate AmpliTube as the best-sounding premium guitar/bass tone and recording solution for mobile players. With over 5 million downloads, AmpliTube sets the standard and is the leader for the portable guitar and recording studio app category.

Once you update AmpliTube, you can then purchase the new amplifiers and effects through in-app purchases starting at $2.99 each. The full app costs $19.99 through the iTunes App Store (iPhone and iPad versions)

Head to IK Multimedia for more information about AmpliTube and the new 2.6 update!

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