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September 26, 2012 • Music Diary, News

Stream Muse New Album ‘The 2nd Law’ for FREE on iTunes This Week!

While most of us were not particularly enamored of the Muse Olympic theme or sure about the dubstep-y sounds previewed from their new album, there are millions of Muse fans waiting to check out the final product and hoping for the best. Well, before dropping $13.99 on iTunes to find out … you can stream the entire album for FREE this week on iTunes!

As usual it is a single stream for the whole album rather than per-song, but it is a great opportunity to see what Muse has come up with for their latest release!

Head to iTunes and check out the free stream and preorder the album if you like it!

One Response to " Stream Muse New Album ‘The 2nd Law’ for FREE on iTunes This Week! "

  1. I preordered “The 2nd Law” after hearing Unsustainable and Madness, and I’m streaming the new album as I write this. I’ve been a Muse fan since 2001 or so, I own everything they’ve put out, and I saw them in Austin when they were touring to support Absolution.

    Let me just say that there is not much more amazing that watching Matt Bellamy tear up a solo on his guitar them move over to a piano and do it all over again. For there to only be three people in this band, their sound is just so much bigger than anything you might expect.
    Okay, now that we have established that I’m a fan: I have to say that I love this album. I’d read that it was an experimental piece, but after listening to it for the second time now, I don’t see it as so much experimental as it is a natural progression for their sound.
    You don’t have to like it, but even songs like Survival, with its faux viking opera background track stay true to the element of drama that the band has always used. I’m very excited about this album, and I hope I’ll be able to see them when they tour to support it next year.

    And just because it is awesome, here is their cover of “Feeling Good” from Origin of Symmetry.

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