Your Mobile Devices are a Germ Haven, So It’s ionSwipes to the Rescue!

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Your Mobile Devices are a Germ Haven, So It's ionSwipes to the Rescue!One of the most useful sensory and interactive instruments in the human body are our hands and fingers. They help us easily manipulate our mobile devices, allowing us to communicate and plug into the virtual world around us. Ironically, hands and fingers are a double-edged sword, for in addition to allowing us to communicate virtually via our various electronic devices, they quietly and efficiently spread germs via physical handling of these devices. Germs. That catch-all  layman word covering bacteria, viruses, protozoa and some fungi. The stuff that gives Howie Mandel heebie-jeebies. In fiction, the cooties that annihilated wayard Martians, created zombies or wiped out the bulk of humankind, and in reality cause great plagues and diseases that trouble much of the world even today.

In the real world, our cell phones, tablets, remotes, keyboards, mice and such are covered by millions of these potentially tiny terrors. You know the routine: you’re at the gas station, handle the gas pump, picking up microbes from the pump handle, then later get a call on your cell phone, transmitting the microbes to the cell phone…later in the day your kids come home from school and pick up your cell phone to show you a cool youtube website a friend told them about, now they put their germs from school residing on their hands on the phone too and…ugh, do I need to go on? Actually, if you think that’s bad, try volunteering in the 18-month to two-year old classroom (I use the term loosely) on occasion.  All those runny noses, diapers, drooling on toys, occasional stomach bugs…dear lord, I marvel more of us don’t run screaming out of the room demanding a CDC Biosafety level 2+ suit/environment before returning. Believe me when I tell you children are perfect disease vectors. I’d sheep dip those toddlers if I thought I could get away with it. Okay, maybe not.

Fungi, bacteria and viruses on devices—Oh my! What to do?

Fortunately for you, the good folks at ionSwipes have a simple and practical solution. There are a number of salves, ointments, soaps and sprays containing a mixture of chemicals, but ionSwipes uses a safer, simpler method that is easy on your mobile hardware: cloth wipes containing metal ions, specifically zinc (Zn+), Silver (Ag+) and Copper (Cu+). The ionic form of these metals destroy microbial organisms, helping interrupt the spread of disease.

Your Mobile Devices are a Germ Haven, So It's ionSwipes to the Rescue!


The low-saturation wipe cleans any surface and leaves a nano-thin layer of silver, copper and zinc ions. Germs can’t survive in the presence of these ions eliminating the growth and migration of bacteria. ionSwipes are engineered to bond to any surface and be completely invisible.

Proven Results

Independent lab results have verified the effectiveness of ionSwipes at eliminating more than 99.9% of bacteria, germs, viruses and other microbials, with no loss of effectiveness over extended periods of time.

ionSwipes leave an invisible coating of ions that continue the antimicrobial fight on your mobile devices for up to two weeks. That’s quite a duration, and quite a high level of elimination of microbes. Admittedly, not all microbes we come in contact are harmful, and many are in some ways beneficial. That said, until those beneficial organisms and their nastier associates like E. coli, S. enteritidis, Norwalk calicivirus, Orthomyxoviridae (the “Flu” influenza family) start chipping in with taxes, mobile phone bills or at least do some chores around the house like clean my kids’ rooms I’m not going to let them freeload on my mobile devices. Besides, germs don’t do much good lurking on my mobile gizmos anyway.

So whether you suffer from Mysophobia (the irrational fear of germs) or have a rational concern about reducing the presence of pathogens on your mobile tech, ionSwipes can help keep your cell phones, tablets and friends 99.9% cootie-free.

ionSwipes offers a free sample here, as well as  boxed sets of the wipes; each box contains 20 wipes and offers 280 days of protection.


MSRP: Starting at $14.99 per box of 20

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