If You Watch One Video Today, This Is It

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I live in the public eye. That’s a choice I made when I entered the congregational rabbinate. As a result, people comment on pretty much every aspect about me. Sometimes they are kind; at other times they aren’t. And, thankfully, over the years, I have developed a fairly tough skin. And when that fails I have a few good friends who let me vent and put it behind me.

Elana did not make this choice, but she too will often receive comments from people. Sometimes they are kind, and other times they may not be. Regardless, people will often comment on everything from her hair length to her choice of dress on the Holy Days.

It is what it is.

Unfortunately some people do not have a filter. More unfortunate is the fact that the internet allows people to attack anonymously. To say things they would likely not say in person and to be beyond harsh in the process. I received one such email yesterday, and it took Elana, Judie, Carly and Mike to talk me down.

That’s why I have a new hero. Her name is Jennifer Livingston, and she is amazing.

Click here to watch the video, read the text, learn from it, and pass it on.

The world is a tough place. A little kindness goes a long way, and there is no room for cruelty. Especially when it comes anonymously wrapped in pseudo-justified terms.

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  1. Thank You Dan! I read about this earlier, but didn’t get to see the video. Thank you again.

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