JOBY GripTight Mount & Micro Stand, Video Review

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Every now and then an accessory comes along that ends up being far more impressive than expected. That is the case with the new JOBY GripTight Mount and Micro Stand. This small mount and tripod fold up to make a compact unit that can easily be carried on your key ring, but once opened up provides a great deal of useful flexibility if you use your smartphone for taking pictures or holding video chats.

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From JOBY:

In yet another breakthrough in mobile photography, JOBY introduces the GripTight Mount & Micro Stand, a dynamic duo featuring the world’s only pocket-sized tripod for your iPhone® or smartphone. Ultra-compact and portable, the tripod-mount combo steadies your photo and video shots wherever you are. Mount also sold separately. ($29.95 for both. The GripTight Mount also sold separately for $19.95.)

Here’s a look at a video of it, and then we’ll dig a bit deeper.

The JOBY GripTight Mount and Micro Stand is as simple as it is useful.

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There are just two pieces.

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And they are small; really, really small.

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And when you open then up they are still small. Really, really small.

The GripTight Mount (left) grabs and holds your smartphone with or without a case. The tripod screw means you can use it with the Micro Stand as well as with an assortment of other holders, stands and tripods. It is that kind of flexibility that makes this accessory a home run.

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Put the together and you get a cute little tripod…

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That easily and securely holds your smartphone in place.

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The JOBY GripTight Mount & Micro Stand really works.

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And because it folds up, the JOBY GripTight Mount & Micro Stand is the kind of thing you will want to carry everywhere. You can learn more here on the JOBY website.

MSRP: $29.95 for both. (The GripTight Mount also sold separately for $19.95.)

What I Like: Small; Holds the smartphone securely; Can be used with other tripods and monopods; Holds smartphones with or without cases; Can be taken everywhere and set up in seconds when you need to use it

What Needs Improvement: Nothing! Another awesome product from JOBY

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