Nomad Releases Updated Base Station Apple Watch Edition

Nomad makes some of the best wireless charging solutions available. I loved the original Nomad Base Station Apple Watch Edition (read my review) but missed the rear charging ports found on other Base Station models. Nomad just addressed that and just released a new version with ports galore; now you can charge pretty much all your devices at once.

The updated version of the Base Station Apple Watch has the same great design as its predecessor. It is sleek, has a low profile, and has a gorgeous, leather-covered charging mat. It features updated, more powerful, Qi coils and added rear USB charging ports so more power can be delivered to more devices simultaneously. Be sure to check the end of this post for a special deal Nomad is running.

As the company notes, the new Base Station Apple Watch Edition is:

Designed to be the premium personalized charging experience for Apple Watch, iPhone, and AirPods owners. Base Station Apple Watch integrates a sleek, modern design with a functional wireless charging hub. With 3 high-power charging coils and a built-in Apple Watch charger, Base Station Apple Watch creates a frictionless charging experience. There are also two out ports: one USB-A and one USB-C PD with an 18W output capacity.

From the front, the new charger looks the same as the model it replaces. It still has a solid, low-profile base. It still has the gorgeous leather covering the charging surface. And it still had the Apple Watch Charger at the back. Nothing seems to have changed.


Around the back, there is a subtle but significant change. The original version just had an input for the AC adapter’s cable.

Now there is a USB-A and a USB-C port. That means you can add cables and charge two more devices than before.

There are also differences on the inside where Nomad updated the wireless charging capabilities of the new Base station. It now has three 10W charging coils. This won’t result in faster charging since the Base station still delivers 10W of wireless charging. It does, however, expand the charging surface.

That means you don’t have to be as careful when placing your phone on it, ensuring it is positioned to receive a charge.

It also means you can lay your phone on the Base Station at a right angle and have space to charge your Apple AirPods so long at the nave a wireless charging case. (If they don’t, you can simply use one of the charging ports at the back.)

Features include:

  • Integrated MFi-certified Apple Watch Charger
  • 10W wireless charging
  • 3x 10W Qi wireless charging coils
  • Padded leather wireless charging surface
  • USB-C PD 18W port
  • USB-A 7.5W Port
  • LED charging indicators
  • Ambient light sensor dims LEDs at night
  • Designed for Apple Watch Series 5 and compatible with all previous versions of Apple Watch
  • Ambient light sensor dims LEDs at night
  • Full aluminum chassis and frame
  • Supports Nightstand mode

At $149.95, the new Apple Base Station Apple Watch Edition is a few dollars more than the version it replaces, but the extra $30 is worth it! We have a review sample of the new Nomad Base Station Apple Watch Edition on the way, so we will have much more to say about it.

Before you go to Nomad’s site, check out this deal they are currently offering:

Cable Promo: Get 50% off any one of Nomad’s Kevlar series cables with the purchase of any of our flat wireless chargers. This means if you purchase a Base Station Apple Watch, Base Station Hub, or Base Station Walnut Hub, you can pick up the kevlar cable of your choice at 50% off. No codes needed, discount automatically applied at checkout.

NOW… Go check out the new Nomad Base Station Apple Watch Edition.

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