AirPivothead Wireless Storage System, Review

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As image and video files grow larger and larger, having as much storage available as possible becomes increasingly important. That’s why I always encourage people to buy devices with the most storage they can afford. It is also why we are so fond of Seagate’s GoFlex Satellite drive (read the review).

If, however, you want extra storage for your iPad, iPhone or similar movie device, but are looking for something smaller and less expensive you might want to check out the AirPivothead. This diminutive device lets you wirelessly upload, download and stream files. And, since it relies on the SD or USB storage you supply, you can have as much extra storage as you want. Have one 64GB SD card and you get an extra 64GB of storage. Have five of them and you get over 300GB of extra storage. It. Is. Awesome.

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From Pivothead:

Connect a SD Card, USB memory stick or your Pivothead Recording Eyewear to the Air Pivothead and wirelessly upload, download and stream videos, photos and music to most of your WiFi enable mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, Android, etc).

Share your media wirelessly (Videos, Photos and Music) with up to 5 devices

Free App for iPhone, iPad and iTouch, and Android enabled devices

SD Card and USB Flash Drive port (one can be shared at a time)

Stream HD Video and Audio

Share wirelessly with secure options

Built-in Li-On battery for up to 3 hours of WiFi hotspot (check the “How Long Can I Use Air Pivothead With One Battery Charge” FAQ for details).

Free Apps for Android 2.3 and above.

For those of you who like checking out the specs…

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The device is small, light and simple to use.

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You need to bring your own SD card or USB storage stick but they are so inexpensive these days that picking up a few will only cost you a few shekels.

Using it couldn’t be easier. Here’s the company’s video showing the setup.

I used the AirPivothead during my recent trip to Cuba. It was a great way to quickly and easily pull video off the Pivothead video sunglasses since the 8GB of onboard storage is great but is quickly consumed when shooting high-definition video. And at under $100 it is a relatively inexpensive way to make sure you have enough storage on the go. Like the Pivothead video glasses, this is one item that will be seeing a lot of use during CES 2013. Learn more and order your own here on the company website. And here is a video shot using the glasses…

Check out our review of the Pivothead Glasses here.

MSRP: $99

What I Like: Works as promised; Uses whatever SD or USB flash storage you supply; Free app is easy to use and makes moving files in one direction or the other a breeze

What Needs Improvement: Nothing, this is a great way to get extra storage for under $100

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