Rock Radio Dies Again in NYC

Rock Radio Dies Again in NYC

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice…

Sadly, it looks like rock fans in the New York area have been fooled twice. Just a few short months ago, rock radio returned to the area, but apparently there wasn’t much interest. Instead of rock ‘n roll, 101.9 has gone from playing music to {sob} playing sports talk radio!

From The Top 22:

The rumors were true: New Rock 101.9 was never in it for the long haul as investors apparently want out. CBS snaps it up at a fire sale price to make for an FM home for legendary sports talker…

Not long after Merlin Media’s New Rock 101.9 replaced the failed FM News format (which replaced the original Modern Rock WRXP), rumors abounded that the move was only temporary.

Word was that Merlin’s financial backers, Chicago hedge fund GTCR, wanted out, and was seeking buyers for all Merlin stations.

Merlin is now one station lighter with the sale to CBS for what appears to be a paltry $75 million. That number, which recalls pre-consolidation era pricing, is bound to elicit a collective groan from brokers. If a full-market FM can be had in Market #1 for $75m, the value of virtually every other FM in the country just took a hit.

Guess it’s back to Pandora for me. I am disappointed but not surprised. The last few years, if it hasn’t been packaged up and neatly synthesized to be redone as a dance mix, it hasn’t been considered “mainstream”. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to return to my early 90’s punk/riot grrl bubble, and apologize for ever straying … every time I get tempted to listen to newer stuff, it gets yanked away anyway!



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