RadTech’s WaveJamr Stereo Bluetooth Wireless Audio Interface Review

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RadTech's WaveJamr Stereo Bluetooth Wireless Audio Interface Review Listen to this article

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I sold my iPhone 4S and bought an iPhone 5. That meant saying goodbye to my iPhone’s 30-Pin connector and welcoming the new smaller dock.

I have an iPad mini, and it too has the new dock connector.

At least I have a 30-pin dock connector on my iPad. Oh, wait, I ordered the new iPad and will be selling my loaded iPad 3 as soon as it arrives.

That means that, within a short while, none of my “30-pin sporting” speaker docks will be of any use to me. Actually, that’s not quite true. Thanks to products like RadTech’s WaveJamr and ProCable Line-Out any speaker with a 3.5mm line-in port can turn into a wireless dock. It is an easy and inexpensive way to keep your “old fashioned” 30-pin docks going.

I’ve been using the WaveJamr and ProCable Line-Out combo with the Sony dock we reviewed last year. Let’s take a look.

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From Radtech:

WaveJamr is an ingenious accessory that will simplify your life and extend the life of your favorite speaker dock, dockable alarm clock or automobile iPod integration.

Simply connect WaveJamr to your speaker system’s docking port and enjoy your music, movie sound-track or audio books wirelessly from up to 33 feet. WaveJamr doesn’t use batteries, or require charging, so it’s incredibly small and light weight – easy to take anywhere.

Delivers superb audio quality when used with any device supporting the A2DP protocol – this includes desktop, laptop and tablet computers, smart phones, iPad, iPhone, iPod touch and some game consoles.

WaveJamr future-proofs your speaker dock or automobile dock by making it compatible with any future dock port configuration or docking connector.

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The WaveJamr can easily slip over a 30-pin connector and, in so doing, take the place of the iOS device that would otherwise sit there. If, however, your speaker doesn’t have a 30-pin connector or you don’t like the look of the 30-pin– for example, the Sony dock has a retractable dock and looks much better when it is hidden– there is another option.

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The combination of the company’s WaveJamr and ProCable Line-Out make the Aux-In port wireless. As the company explains,

No dock, no problem: Don’t have a multi-pin dock on your favorite speaker system or in your vehicle but still want to experience the freedom of wireless HiFi stereo? Simply add one of RadTech’s Line-Out cables and use WaveJamr with any 3.5mm Aux port and USB device charger.

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The combination makes for a rather clean combination. The 3.5mm plug goes into the Aux-In port. The USB cable plugs into a wall adapter and provides the necessary power.

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From there it is as easy as turning the speaker on, flipping over to the Line-In audio source and pairing your iOS device. And, since it is now Bluetooth-enabled, the speaker will now work with ANY audio source that has Bluetooth connectivity.

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The WaveJamr is a great, cost-effective way to add a few years of life to your 30-pin dock connector speaker. In a world where audio streaming is increasingly the standard it gives “old-school” docks new legs. And it does so at a reasonable price. Check it out here on the product page.

Screen Shot 2012 11 06 at 8 53 10 AM

MSRP: $39.95 (ProCable Line-Out is $23.95)

What I Like: Gives new life to old docks; Easy to set up; Easy to use; Requires no batteries or power source when plugged into the 30-pin dock; Remembers the last device with which it was paired

What Needs Improvement: The powder blue is a bit too noticeable; The WaveJamr name is too prominent; Only remembers one paired device

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