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November 13, 2012 • Gaming, Reviews

Doomsday Preppers (NatGeo Show Tie-In) for iPad Review

Type of app: Building Management game
Platform/where to buy: iPad/iPhone; available in the App Store

Developer: National Geographic Games / G5 Entertainment

  • 135 floors to build – how deep will you go?
  • Six types of floors: Shelter, Security, Food and Water, Science, Workshop and Recreation
  • Over 300 products to prep and store
  • Over 150 male and female customizable avatars to choose from
  • Regular game updates to keep you plotting and planning
  • Play with other preppers, including your Facebook friends

Major features: I have to confess that I have never seen Doomsday Preppers, which starts its second season on November 13th at 9PM on National Geographic. But today they are launching a game, and based on putting in about an hour of play, it is a simple fun – and free – experience.

You are building a doomsday bunker, and you need to develop 10 levels, and earn gold in order to obtain more resources for building. If you have played Tiny Tower, this is basically the same sort of game, but underground with a survival theme.

Each level will have a different specialization, and takes more and more gold to build. To build it out you also need resources, who will then in turn be able to help you produce supplies. More complex items take more time, but can be expedited using diamonds you earn as you progress. You can assign workers where needed, but each one actually has skills that make them better suited for some jobs than others.

Ease of use/Overall performance: The game scales between iPhone and iPad easily, and everything you need to do is simple and clear. There is very little to learn, and the menu system will help you out if you need.

Would use again/recommend?: Absolutely! I would only remind people that even in ‘free’ games you can spend money – check out this screen that popped up as a ‘special offer’ during my second play session.

Again, not anything surprising – and definitely not like the apps that try to avoid revealing costs, but something to be aware of if your kids are playing.

Suggested changes/wish list for updates: Nothing.

Price: Free

Here is the trailer:

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