Lose It Health App Releases a Feature That Make Logging Food Easier

With fall in full swing, many of you are probably attempting to eat right and watch the things that you eat. Some of you may even count calories, but today one of the more popular weight loss apps in the App Store announced a feature that is not only cool, but will make log what you’ve eaten faster and easier!


Lose it!, a prominent food logging app announced “Snap it”, a great beta feature that does everything that you think it could do and more. Snap It uses today’s most advanced image recognition (and your phones camera) to deliver results instantly. I had a chance to beta test the “Snap It!” feature within the Lose It app and it’s pretty awesome.

The premise is simple. You open up your app, and select which meal you are currently in the process of eating before snapping a photo of it (it’s worth noting I took a photo of meals before as well as during eating and it worked). Snap It then goes and analyzes the photo and gives you suggestions of what is in the image.

I took a photo of a breakfast burrito from McDonalds, which was already pretty vague to begin with (and completely unhealthy, don’t judge me) and it picked everything up with precision, down to the calories. This is MAJOR for someone like me who forgets exactly what I’ve eaten throughout the course of the day, so taking a photo makes life a little easier.


So how exactly does Snap It get to be so accurate? In a nutshell, it’s all in the framework. Using a Food-101 dataset, Lose It! managed to build a model that defines 101 different food categories (over 100k images) that go through an image analysis to give you an accurate reading. Working in tandem with FoodDist, Lose It! then optimized the model in order to refine each individual category.

TDLR; Lose It’s! software improves with the more images taken. It’s worth noting that Lose It! mentioned that if the Snap It Feature confuses a food, you can easily correct it.

I am currently exclusively using Lose It! on my iPhone 7 Plus, and I’m hoping that being able to accurately log in my meals by simply snapping a photo makes the searching through endless categories a bit easier, which has put me off on “calorie counting” in the past.

Lose It is currently in the App Store for free, but you can also purchase the premium version within the free app for $39.99 annually.

To download Lose It! Today click here!

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