BlackBerry Music Gateway Lets You Go Wireless with Bluetooth and NFC


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We’ve looked at a few different accessories that turn your wired speaker dock or home audio system into a wireless audio powerhouse, but none have been quite as powerful as BlackBerry’s upcoming $49 Music Gateway. What makes the Music Gateway stand out? NFC (Near Field Communication)!

Let’s take a closer look.

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From BlackBerry:

The BlackBerry Music Gateway is a great new music accessory that allows you to play music from any Bluetooth enabled device. Also setting this apart from other music streaming devices is its NFC capabilities, which enables a quick and easy pairing option. Once connected, change tracks and adjust volume from your smartphone from up to 30 feet away. With the BlackBerry Music Gateway you are free to multitask while playing music. Access other applications (email, calendar), surf the web, or text your friends and family while the music is still playing.

Its uses are not limited to a smartphone or home stereo. You can also connect the BlackBerry Music Gateway to your car stereo for your listening pleasure on road trips. In addition, use the accessory to stream audio when connected to an external speaker to get great sound when watching movies or videos on your device.

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The Music Gateway features:

Simple Connectivity: Connect viaBluetooth or simply tap to connect your NFC enabled device.

Universal Compatibility: Connect [any] Bluetooth enabled smartphone, tablet or PC to [any] stereo you already own, and play music from [any] app on device – from the traditional Music Player,to BBM Music, Slacker or others.

Wireless Freedom: Play music wirelessly from your smartphone or tablet to your stereo system. Your device becomes the remote control and you can continue to access all your apps while you move around the room.

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Shipped with all the cables you might need, the Music Gateway comes with a microUSB cable for power, a 3.5mm patch cord, and an RCA connection so you can use it with a home stereo system. I love the flexibility the cables offer, but I hate the waste that comes when one or more cables go unused and take up residence in my desk’s “cable-graveyard” drawer.

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The Gateway is a small but powerful device that lets your speaker cut the cords. And, thanks to the NFC technology built into it, if you have a device with said technology inside (my iPhone doesn’t), then you don’t even need to go through the hassle of pairing the Music Gateway. Simply tap, and you are good to go. This was the first time I was actually bummed Apple decided not to put NFC in the iPhone 5.

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Priced under $50, the Music Gateway makes it a great stocking-stuffer for a loved one or impulse buy for you.

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MSRP: $49.99

What I Like: Small; Easy to use; Works with any Bluetooth-enabled device; Simple setup if your smartphone or tablet sports NFC

What Needs Improvement: NFC capability is nice but not necessary

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